Trump Lied about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

Candidate Trump promised to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. President Trump introduced a budget that slashes all three.

Trump Lied about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

38 thoughts on “Trump Lied about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

  1. Anyone who voted tRump for change must, by now, have figured out it’s NOT coming with Donny. Vote Bernie for the change you want & need! Bernie 2020

    • +donHooliganBerne’s actual plans raises taxes on all people. Bernie is out to take all of your money people. I want more tax cuts and more cuts to wasteful spending.

    • +Sandy that is direct lie. FDR was a not a socialist. You are rehashing the the rhetoric that started Mccarthyism… do you want Mccarthyism?

    • +Harry Mann Jr
      Bernie will literally *Drain The Swamp.*
      it sucks that you are so sick and evil that you don’t recognize an honest and decent man.
      …but once Bernie is elected you will finally understand what *Representative Democracy* is supposed to mean.

    • +donHooliganThe man is a fucking Communist. The man doesn’t know what capitalism stands for nor does he understand what freedom stands for. He has never had a real job in his life. Anybody who wants people to pay more in taxes is sick and evil. He wants to take people’s money away from them He is out to screw people. Obama molested the taxpayer, now Bernie wants to rape them. What I compare what Bernie wants to do is comparison to rape.

    • I would like to see an ad that shows how long Trump’s nose would be by now (with all the lies he told so far since taking office) if it were to grow at the same rate as Pinocchio’s with each lie told. I’ll bet we would see it stretching around the *entire* globe!

  2. It’s sad to see there’s people out there that still like trump, or believe he is a good president. It makes me wonder what planet they’re living on. I mean he has a 4th grade reading level and thats a fact, he admits to never reading anything. He continues to take credit for unemployment when wages have lowered! It’s like were living in a fantasy world were the most important things don’t matter anymore. We literally have a president in office that couldn’t even manage a store on his own. He definitely shows signs of having a big mental health problem. We need Bernie more than ever, 2020 is the most important election in decades I know this. We don’t have to keep looking like the most outrageous, ridiculous, and fastest declining country. We have the potential to do something to fix all these problems. Bernie needs to win, we literally have other so called “democrat” candidates running for president because “it’s their dream”. Sorry but that doesn’t matter and shouldn’t qualify you for president. Bernie Sanders isn’t doing this cause it’s his dream or because he wants control. He is doing this because he wants to change this country!

    • Bernie Sanders blew Jacob Rothschild today by not filing a bill to repeal the Federal Reserve Act. The Rothschild family loves receiving blow jobs from every democrat and republican in the United States. That’s what it’s all about. The Rothschilds love the incredibly stupid voters in the USA who keep electing their enemies who will never abolish the Federal Reserve.

    • +Lorrie C I hope you are right. The DNC has given itself some incredible powers since 2016, like the power to boot candidates from the party if deemed not democratic enough by the DNC. They have established themselves as gatekeepers to the presidential elections.

      And if he overcomes them, he’ll still have to deal with gerrymandering, superdelegates, rigged private voting machines, tampered absentee ballots, the oligarchic media giants, and more.

      But if anyone can do it, Bernie can.

  3. I can guarantee you one thing, mr Sanders will definitely not play golf all the time while there are other things to do . You can’t just become president and not care about people. It’s not a job to relax, it’s a job where you have to be a leader and give your all for the people.

    • +Anchor Baby misdirection… that has nothing to do with the conversation. When you have to misdirect people, you know you lost the argument.

    • dbg0206091
      hahaha Just pointing out the similarities. If you’re going to vote in a socialist and talk about that he did not play golf I am going to tell you another president of another socialist country as far as I know didn’t play golf either. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • +Anchor Baby ​ @Anchor Baby yes. We know you act like a shitty brat because dealing with reality is too hard for you. Humanity has been disappointed by your willful selfishness.

    • +Anchor Baby that’s not the point. The point here is USA and the other point is that while the government was shut down a month ago, and government employees had to get food stamps and whatsoever, trump was playing golf… And, trump was complaining that Obama played too much gold, meanwhile trump beat Obama’s record of golf tours.

    • Clifford Ototivo
      Yes I agree it probably will ring through history! It will ring through history as the fall of the great empire of the United States.

  4. So Trump brought back the Affordable Care Act for this year, so he can look good for 2020. The past two years he took it away.

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