Trump Initially Supported ‘Medicare for All,’ But Was Reportedly Talked Out of It

Prior to his electoral victory in 2016, Donald Trump had signaled his support for a single-payer healthcare system—both directly and indirectly—and "demanded" to know why Medicare couldn't simply be "expanded to cover everybody" when he was first elected. However, he was reportedly talked out of this position by Republicans that were eager to repeal Obamacare instead. He was especially agreeable because he was reportedly bored during the said meeting and thought agreeing to what congressional Republicans wanted would allow him to leave early.


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Trump Initially Supported 'Medicare for All,' But Was Reportedly Talked Out of It

82 thoughts on “Trump Initially Supported ‘Medicare for All,’ But Was Reportedly Talked Out of It

  1. This video is a segment from *Episode 126* of *The Humanist Report* podcast. If you don’t want to wait, you can watch the entire episode right NOW—before it hits YouTube—by becoming a $5 Patreon patron! Otherwise, the rest of this episode will be up on this YouTube channel on January 16th. Enjoy the show!

    • The Humanist Report hey Mike, any chance that you could cover the two real life Benedict Arnold’s we’ve got in the country today? Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley. These two were caught with their hands in the treason cookie jar. I’ll send a message or an email with more details.


  2. If trump was the real deal, maybe he wouldn’t give us 15 minimum wage which we need, maybe he wouldn’t give us legal marijuana which would be smart, but he definitely should give the people single payer Medicare for all, and a fair flat tax. But he is off in doh doh land of the confused, of the normal delusional chaotic politics

    • I don’t want socialized medicine look at the VA that’s socialized medicine and the vets aren’t getting good care because of the cost effectiveness . That’s what it boils down to is it more cost effective to let you live or die. Not to mention we will pay extreme amount in taxes. If minimum wage goes up to 15 an hour then the companies will replace workers with kiosk or reduce their hours.

    • We don’t need a flat tax just reverse the percentages so they go up with your income many of the super rich people don’t pay any taxes because of money laundering and government breaks.

    • reduction of hours is not bad, we can push for lower minimum wages and incremental medical etc benefits and costs so best buy and walmart cease having a means to go just below that threshold of 35 hrs or whatever, these terms and rules are written by the top, we need to re-negotioate and not argue petty frivolous things endlessly. Tax pipelines, lobbying, enforce it, incentivize greener cleaner systems in grades, and fine people so its not worth it, like a person speeding gets a higher fine the higher above the speed limit they are, like a person fishing without a license gets 10x larger fine than the entire price for the in state license.

    • what?
      Trump HATES American workers.
      ALL his products are outsourced.
      He even paid a fine, so he could use undocumented (“illegal”) immigrants to build Trump Tower.
      He dodged the draft during Vietnam, because he thinks he is better than someone who Actually Works.

    • pammyla66 Are you scared of companies? That’s why we need to bring unions back. People can fight this and it’s not like these companies going to shorten staff to the point they lose profit.

    • Snm Fame what a painful thing it must be for a person to not feel special. How sad it is that the only way that you feel you can have a voice in this world is to spout out ignorance on social media that you know to your core isn’t true. It is one of the great failings of our society: that there are those who feel that the only way they can be seen, have value or relevance in our country is to make themselves as despised by as many as possible. This is how we ended up with a complete charlatan in the office that only a little more than a year ago was the most respected office in the world.

      Know this: I see you. I know you have value, even if you don’t believe it yourself.

    • Hearsay? NO! lil donni makes no attempt to hide his racist tendencies. If you can not recognize the drivel coming from your foolish leader…..its because you are tone deaf, by choice.

  3. What do you expect from a cowardly businessman, who supports this country becoming a police state or an oligarchy, this is a man that supports killing homeless in the street because there are burdened on our country.

    • Ricky Spanish oh come on you can’t really believe that. This world don’t belong to nobody and To the victor goes the spoils is the most oldest cliche since manifest destiny. You can’t say that because that means slaves are part of those spoils. It’s time to change this world none of the systems are working none of the governments are working all the old ways needs to die.

    • Ricky Spanish indentured servitude is still being used in eight states primarily in the south this is a Slave response and Jeff sessions just signed up to reenact that clause. Tell me how our country isn’t racist dictatorship police state oligarchy.

    • sadly, the winner can tell wathever they want to others, they can change the facts and praise themselves as the hero. The winner takes it all while the loser becomes the devil.

  4. Wow, Paul Ryan must me really persuasive. How does he do it? Jedi mind tricks? Deep Throating? (To the balls, Paul, or it doesn’t count!) Neck rubs?

    • Trump just does whatever Paul Ryan wants. He may as well have just won the Presidency. He pretty much is the President, he found out what a puppet Donald Trump is. It Must make Paul Ryan very happy he has a President who doesn’t want to do his job.

    • Teenkitsune just the lack of information. You called him a pathological liar, where has he lied? Why are you ignoring all the proven lies from the left? And do you realize that a lot of people are fed up with the DNC (the left wing party) with the proven and exposed lies and favoritism while ignoring everyone that actually needs help.
      And my personal favorite: Obama pardoned Manning while Snowdon is still a fugitive. Doesn’t really add up unless you look at the information they leaked.
      Manning: troop movements and vehicle weak spots
      Snowdon: Obama broken his promises on the patriot act.

    • Nath Henn So typical, instead of seeing the problem in front of you you instead point fingers at everyone else. The fact is Donald Trump has been lying about things since before I was born, the fact that the DNC sucks is irrelevant. If you want to swallow Trump’s semen just because the DNC sucks that’s your problem, I for one hate both sides and therefore America. If you want to stay, be my guest, but I’m fed up with this country and am moving to a better country, namely Canada. I just have to care about Trump’s disasters because his actions affect not only the US but the rest of the world as well.

    • Teenkitsune we got Trump because of the DNC and unless you want to tear down democracy it will just get worse. If you can’t see the facts in front of your face and just turn to your bubble, we won’t go anywhere.
      Edit: I don’t like trump but if the left doesn’t take out the trash it will get worse for us. And if the left won’t work with the right. Aaaaand the fact is. That trump did release a plan but the left shat on it saying he just ripped off Obama even though Obama dropped the ball on Obama care.

    • So typical, Trump is a good person just because the DNC sucks. I told you I don’t care, I hate the DNC, I hate the RNC, and I especially hate Trump. I’m not ignoring facts, you’re just throwing the same angry rhetoric in my face because I won’t just bow down to your “Holier than thou” self righteous attitude. I told you, I’m fed up with America, nobody wants to solve anything, everyone just wants to get into a shouting content over their beliefs until they’re purple in the face while constantly swindling each other to the point no one can trust one another. I’m fed up, I’m leaving this fascist patriarchal corporatocracy you people call a country for Canada, deal with it. Maybe it’s you should who should get out of your bubble.

  5. Trump is no different than any other president since JFK. The next president Dem or Repub will be the same. This isn’t about boredom. It’s the same as it’s always been anytime a president breaks a promise, it’s MONEY/LOBBYISTS

  6. Do most Americans care about their fellow Americans? In Canada we keep hearing about how super patriotic Americans are but how does that translate into real actions? Do most Americans feel a bond or some sense of loyalty to other Americans? If so, why would they not support basic health care for everyone? Some things about the USA, I just don’t understand! It makes no sense, it’s the richest country in the world, of course they can afford it.

    • marronVulpes1991 it is fantastic, i live in place where nobody locks their doors at night, people can go to the pub after work and never worry about fights. Trump is just another reality show made in the usa!

      Beer is cold, the wings are hot and everyone knows my name!

      Hows your world?

    • jon smith Pretty similar, I too have cold beer and got wings, but pretty much stay at home and distract myself from my crippling anxiety

  7. Trump would of gotten respect if he’d did some things right for once like Health Care for all & Keeping Net Neutrality for everyone and not infavor his rich friends who don’t want to play fair with everyone this is why folks should think before they vote for someone who doesn’t play fair with everyone with what they say.

    • Obama is out of office and I don’t care nomore and I never voted for Trump because I’d never trusted him to begin with and all Trump did was Lied to the public and when people like you come to defend Trump you just make me hate him even more so do yourself a favor and leave us Trump haters alone all I want is Trump removed from office in a peaceful way without the violent means of getting rid of him and I am sick of people like you bring up Obama he is out of Office already he’s not doing anything else to you now so drop it.

    • nathan cook I didn’t vote for trump and I don’t defend him. Just if we criticise him we would be honest about it right?
      He talks before he thinks, He talks about stuff he’s clearly doesn’t know much about, And he has little experience in politics.
      But he did try to pass a health care bill and who shot it down? So I have to consider this video dishonest but mostly uninformed.
      Change my mind but his true fan boys are not in California but neather is the common American.

    • Nah Henn+ I’m sorry I’d snapped at you I’m just tried of the whole blame game that’s been going on lately and I’m sick of politics but no thanks to Trump’s FCC Ajit Pai it just gave me more anger at Trump and I didn’t want anything to do with politics but Ajit Pai’s plan to kill Net Neutrality really pissed me off even more and all I’d want is Ajit Pai Fired and I’d blamed Trump for making him Chairman because he’d let Ajit Pai do what he’d wanted and Ajit Pai ignored the public and Trump didn’t stop him so that’s why I want Trump out of Office.

    • If Trump did MFA and protected net neutrality, I would say that he wasn’t as bad as some presidents have been. But he continues to show he’s a complete moron.

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