Trump: Dems ‘Want To Raid Medicare To Pay For Socialism’

(CNN)As officials in Washington prepared to honor the late Sen. John McCain, President Donald Trump headed to Evansville, Indiana, to headline a campaign rally for GOP Senate nominee Mike Braun. If you thought Trump might honor McCain's passing or adjust his fiery campaign rhetoric in any way, you thought wrong! (Trump never mentioned McCain by name in the speech.)

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Trump: Dems 'Want To Raid Medicare To Pay For Socialism'

90 thoughts on “Trump: Dems ‘Want To Raid Medicare To Pay For Socialism’

    • Jordan Williams
      “The governments job to defend us and maintain order” Authoritarian much? The only Union the Cons love is the police union, and the only Socialist program Cons love is the military. Cons only complain if that cash is spent on Americans, claiming that “it’s wrong” to use that same cash to heal sick American babies instead of killing foreign babies with it.

    • +Dyvim Tvar How is it authoritarian to defend us from war and terrorist attacks? You’re saying the money is being spent on social programs instead of the military. How about less money funding the military that you hate, and more money staying in our pockets. You haven’t really argued against my claim that socialism is immoral. It seems you’re mostly against paying for the military. Also why do you think all conservatives think the same? Don’t you think different people can have slightly different ideas.

    • Jordan Williams
      Defend from war? The GOP are the ones *spreading* war. They sold Billions worth of bombs and guns to the Saudi muslims that are being used to blow up buses full of school children in foreign nations. They’re not defending America from war here. How is wasting that cash killing children there better than using it to heal sick children here?

    • +Dyvim Tvar It seems like you might actually like capitalism. The idea of less government power and less taxes. I’m assuming this because you’re constantly complaining about the government taking your money from taxes and when they use their power to decide who pays more taxes.

    • Jordan Williams…. Never said that the money is being spent on social programs *instead* of the military. Said that “the military is the most Socialist program the USA has and the Cons *love* it”. Unlike you, I’m fiscally responsible and know that taxes pay for the bills of the society I choose to live in. Unlike the ultra parasitical Cons who use public services and then refuse to pay for any of it. Like all of the *wars* Cons want, and then give away the bulk of the cash to the super wealthy, so that the *working* class has to foot the bill. Cons *always* complain if that same exact cash is spent on average Americans instead, as though they’re *anti* Americans.

    • +bonchidude Yeah, so what? I don’t agree with everything our führer did but you can’t say he didn’t love his people. He should have done the deportation to Madagascar instead of the crematorium camps; that wasn’t very nice I’ll admit.

    • D K, so what? There is nothing you can agree with a MASS murderer! No reason to deport everyone just because they are of a group. Now anyone guilty of crimes, they go to jail. hitler is so wrong and wrongfully wrong.

  1. His fanbase wont care.

    They could be in a hospital room conected to a respirator and with a 100k dollar medical bill and they still wouldnt care.

    • +Cynical Criminal I totally agree with you I live in Canada I can go to the doctor or emergency room Hospital anytime I want or need and not receive a bill and knowing that my fellow Canadians can do the same makes me feel good I want my tax dollars to go to that I don’t know why Americans can’t think that way

    • Ryan, that is awesome. But to you guys it is the way it should. It should be like this too. I cannot wait for the USSA! Socialism is coming America, just be patient. I cannot wait for Medicare for all, ETC! it is time WE THE PEOPLE got some bennies coming our way!

    • Zidneya do you live under a rock? Or maybe under MSNBC, not much difference. I WISH trump was doing that, but he is sadly doing exactly opposite

    • We need a Space Force and a Underground Force so we can raise the taxpayer’s burden on military spending by hundreds of billions of dollars. We also need a Time Machine Force to develop a time machine weapon, and to supply missiles to the military, and money to corporations.

  2. Those people booing when he say that show just how little they actually know about medicaid. That’s a very socialist program.

    • I think they’re conditioned to respond that way at this point. I doubt much thought goes into it at all. It’s actually rather creepy.

  3. Actually it’s the GOP that wants to cut Medicare to pay for corporate socialism. Like always, more projection from the right.

  4. He just flat-out lies. It’s so unbelievable. How do people believe a pathological liar at this point? It’s flabbergasting.

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