Tom Perez Claims Healthcare is a Right, But Doesn’t Support ‘Medicare for All’

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The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity.

Tom Perez Claims Healthcare is a Right, But Doesn't Support 'Medicare for All'

48 thoughts on “Tom Perez Claims Healthcare is a Right, But Doesn’t Support ‘Medicare for All’

  1. This video is a segment from *Episode 150* of *The Humanist Report* podcast. If you don’t want to wait, you can watch the entire episode right NOW—before it hits YouTube—by becoming a $5 Patreon patron! Otherwise, the rest of this episode will be up on this YouTube channel on July 10th. Enjoy the show!

    • The Humanist Report Well, i pay 19% per annum for my minimum wage caretaker job, with Universal healthcare, in New Zealand.Ive had 3 Elective surgeries for varicose viens, $0.Ambulance fees, Hospitalisation and surgery for 2 broken kneecaps, broken femur, cracked ribs, and skull fracture, $0.

      Vists to specialists that followed for either surgeries, $0. Medicinial costs for each month, capped at $5 regardless of type or quantity. Dentistry, first $400 free to low income earners, pre approved work and income loans for dentistry up to $1600. And unlike Usa, abortion is free.

      Also six months paid parental leave, pre and post natal care covered. With a system that is completly solvent, and an economy that boasts better growth than Usa, and GDP surpluses, annually.

    • Before the internet that tactic could have worked. If you are not tuned into politics and just hear the one sentence – “…access to healthcare” was the former soundbite, now it is “.. as a human right” – you would assume he is for one of those Canadian or European style systems ?

      It is intentionally misleading. It means: Perez and other shills are not prepared to take a lot of business away from the industries. He had some labor credentials so he could have become governor, but he just destroys his future chances. Oh, well the Big Donors will hopefully take care of thim.

      And Cuomo lies or is clueless about the costs.

    • Per capita healthcare expenditures of nations in USD U.S. 9,200 UK had only 3,900 Germany (and they are on the higher end of the average for a wealthy ! European nation) 5,600.

      (source World Bank 2014)

      Healthcare is 8 – 11 % of the GDP in wealthy nations, but 17 % in the U.S.

      And if the system leans towards non-profit then it is off limits for the profiteers (or their profits will be reduced).

    • Xyz Same – Of course, but the problem is that those who profit off healthcare in the US also donate heavily to people like Tom Perez and so they’ll say anything they can to convince people to let the scheme keep going. Pure greed.

  2. No Blue, no Red, Green only if we want Medicare for all (Single Payer Healthcare) and the issues that are important to the American people: Education, Jobs, Clean air, water, food and so on.

    • Any candidate with the grit to rise up and disrupt the 2-party system will continue to be squashed by the full wrath of the corporate-owned MSM until the destructive agenda and smear tactics of that many-headed beast are confronted and exposed (through whatever intensive, but honorably non-violent means possible.)

    • That’s right. Not voting for those damn democrats and this babble-headed idiot is the reason why. They stand for nothing and we are not united.

    • Tom and his weasely cohorts should be confronted at every opportunity, as should the media sources who lend their lies credibility.

    • And if you mentally og from 3 year old, to 30 year old, how will the green party get majority for this? Bipartisan agreement? Keep lodging insane suggestion, and linking it to sane ones, to shut the sane ones down?

  3. This is what happens when we are complacent with a right wing society instead of challenging them to support populist policies

  4. Chris sounded more like he was asking for his cocktail circuit buddies worried about their insurance company stock options. Why else would you lie and hammer for that question?

    • What’s The Takeaway? 25% of healthcare costs currently are administrative costs due to the profit driven private insurance market. Our current system costs $49 trillion over ten years. Single payer would cost $32 trillion. 32 < 49. It would save $17 trillion over ten years and ensure that everyone who pays taxes contributes and everyone benefits.

    • What’s The Takeaway? – Why is it that every other country in the world pays at least 50% LESS than USA per capita when it comes to healthcare? maybe the “morons” are the one who defend this for-profit healthcare scheme and the overpriced costs of it that go straight into the pockets of the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. What is this $2500 per person going towards when you said that’s before any actual healthcare costs?

    • Andrea Kae. Because everyone believes that ALL politicians lie. The ones that don’t, no one believes them.

    • He said from the government perspective it would be more expensive meaning it would become a much bigger portion of budget. To the consumer it would be cheaper.

  5. Even though it’s not hard to tell he’s a fraud, it’s a beautiful thing to see the pressure being applied.

    • the guy is not only a fraud but inept he can’t even convience his own kids –
      “they were excited by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez winning”

  6. I’m tired of these corporate whores. They must do their jobs or be removed from office immediately. Corporations don’t need any help from the government. They are set for life. The middle class and poor desperately needs healthcare, education, and better wages.

  7. I really, REALLY, fucking hate Tom Perez. They have to know he’s viewed that way, I’m starting to think the donors are giving orders to deliberately tank the party, knowing that their control of it is slipping.

  8. Perez is cancer. Schumer is cancer. Pelosi is cancer… The Democratic party is riddled with cancer and it’s time to pull the plug!

  9. The interviewer claims that single payer will cost a lot of money. No push back from Perez. It will net save TRILLIONS of dollars over the next couple of decades. It actually costs LESS than the current, private insurance based system! And the taxpayer increase will be less than the premiums that people will no longer have to pay! *crickets*

    • Those against single payer NEVER point out that people would be paying less in taxes than they were in insurance premiums because that destroys their entire “single payer is more expensive” fever dream that they had and can’t stop talking about.

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