Todd And Debra Show 017 – Be Medicare-ful

Inundated with mail/messages re: Medicare Plans? Welcome to the "Be Medicare-ful Club" Plans & pricing often change. Maybe your current plan isn't actually the best for you now. lets you navigate through your options. We'll give you a sample of how in this episode – which, by the way, was taped and uploaded in October of 2016 using web pages and info current at the time. Always check to be up to date with the latest info.

Todd And Debra Show 17 – GEEZER REVIEW: – Be Medicare-ful

2 thoughts on “Todd And Debra Show 017 – Be Medicare-ful

  1. Great info! I’m about 8 years away from having to deal with Medicare for
    myself but know people who are older that can use this info now.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing!

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