This Democrat STILL Hasn’t Cosponsored ‘Medicare For All’ Bill Yet

Rep. Anthony Brown recently told his constituents that he's in support of a 'Medicare For All' healthcare system and thinks we should be moving towards that. However, he has yet to cosponsor H.R. 676, the "Expanded and Improved Medicare For All Act." So it's important that we call and remind him that there's a bill that would bring a policy that he supports to life.

David Young Town Hall (Full Video):

Note: This segment originally included a reference to Rep. Anthony Brown, who supports single-payer but hasn't cosponsored H.R. 676. He actually DID sign on to cosponsor this piece of legislation, so that portion was removed from the segment.

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This Democrat STILL Hasn’t Cosponsored ‘Medicare For All’ Bill Yet

35 thoughts on “This Democrat STILL Hasn’t Cosponsored ‘Medicare For All’ Bill Yet

  1. Keep it up, Mike. Thanks for doing what you do and for showing us how easy it is to hold our legislators accountable.

  2. The 202 area code is for Rep. Heck’s D.C. office. When calling any Congresscritter, I highly recommend calling their home district office instead, because you’re far more likely to speak one-on-one with a live human staffer instead of a voice mail box. I once spoke for 20 mins with a staffer for Sen. Cory Booker (voicing my displeasure at his failure to support Bernie’s bill for cheaper pharmaceuticals), because I called his Trenton office.

    • Yes. You are correct. Mike did an earlier video about him. Be polite when you call him but I wanna see this dickhead moved. I’m his constituent and I’m tellin every damn person I know to call him on this. His #1 donor is insurance BTW.

  3. yes Mike keep us updated on these politicians! often we get distracted by the next new problem but this is very important! thank you!!

  4. Here’s an idea. Go ask your representative if they have studied the statistics on single payer. Because if they haven’t, they aren’t doing their fucking job. And if they have, then they should know that it makes a million times more sense than our current exploitative system.

    • sullyFL
      If they are a Republican please use the term “fiscally conservative”. It usually gets a reaction.

    • My (democratic) congressman represents a very liberal leaning district that went for Bernie in the primary. He has not come out in favor of single payer.

  5. Mike, you are really a clear headed thinker.
    What I can’t understand is why you have only a quarter of the subscribed as that ‘Kyle’ fellow. All he does is silly giggles, and mostly vacuous verbosity. You have intelligent analyses of topics.
    You just keep up the good work; well thought out analyses. I suggest others visit your site, regularly.

    • Mhi kl Personally I like Kyle more, a little more raw and outlandish. But both are my go to’s in terms of honest media. Mike does a great job on the locality level news, sometimes we get caught up in federal government, which is one big drama show for the 1%

    • Mhi kl Kyle is pretty good though. He do report the news and then he gives his two sense, sure he do curse a lot but that doesn’t really bother me that much. I think Mike is really good and wish he got more subs

    • Their both well taught out analyses givers. One is polite. The other is entertaining. Both are serious in their content.

      If you want seriousness in the forme, than yeah… Kyle isn’t for you. But don’t kid yourself into believing that ”all he does is silly giggles, and mostly vacuous verbosity” just because you don’t like the forme of the delivery.

    • +itsinmyvein precisely. I actually prefer Kyle when im feeling for a bit of rage over a subject, i like how he beats the topic into a pulp. But Mike is nice to listen to when i want to think deeply about the topic from a fresher angle.

  6. As someone whose survival likely hinges on when and if single payer ever happens, I thank you endlessly for your tenacity over HR676 and your actual effort to call congresspeople in attempt to sway opinion. You have a large audience and you are only encouraging them to do the same. To everyone who calls their representatives, I thank you. And so do countless others who are in critical health like me.

  7. I said it a long time ago. it was better to unite the resistance against Trump, than to be fooled by neocon Hillary. It would have been just Obama III.

  8. David Packman? Nooooo. He was a Hillary Shill. Screw him along with Elizabeth Warren. With friends like those…

    • Even though their voices may now ring hollow, they’re still allies…Just not the progressive “leaders” they were thought to be.

    • Operating In A Perpetual State of UGH! Allies or not, we must be able to criticize them when warranted, otherwise you end up with ‘leaders’ like Hillary Clinton. The lack of criticism of Obamma from the left is precisely how things have slid into the total and complete dominiation of the Deep State. Same can be said for the right and their ‘leaders’.

    • passdasalt You sound ridiculous. Just because he ended up voting for Clinton in the general doesn’t make him a shill. Not all progressives like Jill Stein either for many reasons.

    • PumpkinsnBlackcats You sound like Sarah Silverman. And exactly what reasons do progs not like Jill Stein? If you like Hillary over Stein, you really have no clue what it means to be progressive.

    • I didn’t say not to criticise them, in fact I did so. “Screw you Hillary shill” is unproductive. I’m saying their useful and the fight is against corporate dems, not progressives that voted out of fear of Trump. I voted 3rd party and was just as disgusted with Pack and Warren too and tuned them out with good reason. Just giving context to where i’m coming from.

  9. Is anyone else pissed off that we have to yell at these politicans “Do Your job!” What are we paying them for?!?

  10. it doesnt matter if you disagree, they are supposed to represent what the constituents want. i feel like they confuse “you elected me to do what I think is right” with “you elected me to represent what YOU think is right”

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