The Truth Is: Medicare for All Will Save Americans $2 Trillion

The Koch-brothers funded Mercatus Center might not like that their report revealed Medicare for all will save Americans $2 trillion. But numbers don't lie.

The Truth Is: Medicare for All Will Save Americans $2 Trillion

56 thoughts on “The Truth Is: Medicare for All Will Save Americans $2 Trillion

  1. Wait! We don’t want to lose funding! Backtrack backtrack make it sound like the results they were paying for!! Psh…

  2. I remember watching videos of Bernie from the 90’s and this guy was always behind him, is he running himself soon?

  3. CNN really is fake news, sometimes.

    Each time you see a healthcare advert on TV its not so sell products to you, its so healthcare can buy the silence or shilling of those TV programs.

    • +Erick Phillipps Er, no, did you watch the original section they broadcast on CNN?
      Totaly false framing by Jake Tapper and they had to add a correction to the video later.

    • Erick Phillipps  Don’t get caught up in the “fake News’ meme it is about Jake Tappers abysmal ‘fact check’ coverage that basically bowed to the far right and for-profit health insurance companies, trying to fear monger the American people by out right lying saying it will cost an additional 32 trillion on top of the 59 trillion. Which is why Jake Tapper on CNN is being Fake News and lying to the American Public.

    • +Erick Phillipps CNN is trash. Just because it’s slightly more sane than Fox News doesn’t make it great. CNN and other msm outlets colluded with the DNC during the primaries – that’s fact.

  4. Tapper better tap out. His “fact-check” was calling the Koch shill for comment! lol, not OECD, not someone familiar with single-payer (like anyone from Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, France, etc….)

    • $17 Trillion more realistically though if you implement a growth rate into the math on calculating how much our current system costs. The Koch Brothers study didn’t even add a growth rate into their calculations when our current system has been increasing in cost by about 5.6% every year. If costs go up by 5.6% every year with our current system, it will cost roughly $49 Trillion over a 10 year period, which means Medicare for All would save $17 Trillion realistically.

  5. Regardless, it’s more important to save lives than to save money, the fact that people are worried about how much this is gonna cost shows how backwards this country’s priorities are.

    • stephano malakay — MediCare is not “broken,” it is simply under-funded and not universally accepted. Changing the laws would eliminate all of that mess. Your argument is hackneyed and absurd.

    • Tessmage Tessera That’s also the issue with universal health care in other countries, tis not the system itself so much as funds being diverted away from it for things like extra pay for corrupt politicians like in the UK.

    • Sandy I don’t blame Americans and I do blame a corrupt government, I know not all of you are bad. Also, America is still the wealthiest, just that wealth us mostly in the pockets of the 1%.

  6. jake tapper walked his fact check back, then doubled down. WTF is going on here? jake tapper took the author’s word for it instead of doing his own work

  7. Note that these are the numbers according to a Koch funded study. There are more optimistic studies out there as well…

  8. We MUST abandon the for-profit private health insurance SCAM that takes 25-30 cents of every premium dollar for corporate profit, and that also denies necessary medical care to patients for almost any reason that in turn causes the US to incur the highest rate of personal bankruptcies in the world! Every other industrialized nation on the planet enjoys the security of govt. administered universal health care for their people, and it’s time we join them. The corporate owning billionaires have accumulated far too much wealth at the expense of the well-being of the common masses already.

  9. on top of your employer will be able to pay you more and you won’t have to be locked into a job that you hate for 30 years just so you can have insurance for your family you could be free to do what you want follow your passions and dreams knowing your family will be taken care of and it’s not free will all have to pay a little but it’s way better than what we have

    • Jeff Faircloth why do “we all have to pay a little?” That’s ridiculous. Take it out of the military budget. This is ridiculous.

    • That’s exactly why the US top 1% fight tooth and nail against universal health care system.
      They want job seekers who are desperate, willing to work hard for poverty level wages, who do not bargain, just to have a crappy health insurance with thousands of dollars of deductibles.
      They want to have obedient workers who are willing to be abused, just not lose their health insurance.
      They want workers who can never afford the luxury of leaving the wage slave life, to explore the option of working in what that is truly interesting to them, independently or in a new cooperative.

    • If you read their research paper, they assumed current rate of illness. But having regular free-at-the-point-of-use access to preventive health care is going to reduce the general rate of illnesses and total cost greatly.

  10. how much do you pay for insurance premiums every month? Wouldn’t it make more sense that more of every dollar that you spend goes towards paying your medical expenses instead of overhead and enriching private companies? The government isn’t trying to make money off of Medicare for all, most politicicans make far more money from lobbyists anyways not to mention their ‘nice’ salary.

  11. As a Canadian onlooker, I’m stunned that America STILL needs to have these types of conversations about health care. Of course having everyone pay into a system they’ll need to use, and instituting non-profit administration between taxpayers and doctors, will lower the cost to everyone.

  12. I actually think it will save more than 2 trillion. The current amount we spend on healthcare is projected to increase to over 40 trillion in the same time period

  13. It will be a lot more than $2 Trillion in savings. The Mercatus Center study did not even utilize a growth rate in their study on how much our current system has been increasing in cost every year. The current growth rate on our current healthcare system is 5.6%, so if the cost goes up 5.6% every year over a 10 year period, our current system will realistically cost $49 Trillion over 10 years. Compared to the $32 Trillion of Medicare for All, we would save roughly $17 Trillion.

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