The Truth About Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies

Dr. David Belk in California says that seniors don't need a Medigap (Medicare Supplement) policy. He is dead wrong, and millions of seniors would disagree. Here, Chris Westfall, a 20 year agent, shows some examples of why seniors need supplemental coverage to original medicare.

Chris Westfall is licensed in 42 states as an independent Medicare insurance broker and has helped thousands of seniors across the country to determine the best value for their specific situation. Christopher does not work for any one insurance company and DOES NOT represent AARP plans. Instead, he offers the best value plans in the country.

Christopher can be reached at 1-800-729-9590

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11 thoughts on “The Truth About Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies

  1. I agree with you that having a Medicare Supplement plan is a must have..
    But i disagree on the prices you talk about being $100 dollars to $120
    dollars for your clients. Here in my part of NY the cheapest Plan F starts
    at $261 from United Healthcare (AARP Program) all the way up to $567.72
    from Bankers Conseco Plan F. This is for a Healthy 65 year old. I wish i
    could get a plan for $100. Not going to happen in NY

    • +fishingseason This is a New York-only phenomenon. It is also very high in
      FLORIDA. Just across the bridge in New Jersey, it costs less than 50% as
      New York. This is because of all of the ridiculous regulations imposed by
      the liberal legislature in New York requiring, for one, that an insurance
      company must have its own office INSIDE the State of New York to do
      business there. This is an undue burden that most good companies simply
      will not due.

  2. Is there a time limit after you go on disability or Medicare A & B that you
    can enroll in a supplement? I know there is a window each year to change,
    but want to know if there is a time frame limitation to enroll the first
    time in a supplement.

    • +P Gillen Without health qualifications, yes, for only six months after
      Part B starts. After that, you must qualify through health underwriting
      which is very often difficult for those on disability.

  3. Open letter to Doctor David Belk

    You advocate people only having original medicare. To that
    point. Part A deductible is 1288 in 2016. 60 days after leaving the
    hospital it’s a new 1288. 3 – 4 part A deductibles are possible in any
    year. More than 1 is not an irrational consideration. Part B deductible is
    dollars per year. After this 20% is owed for each out patient surgery.
    EVERY surgery
    not to mention occupational therapy, doctor services and durable
    medical equipment while admitted. What if there are multiple surgeries
    in any given year? What about chemo? Whether part A or B coverage, this
    is real expense we are talking here at 20%? Lastly, as people age into
    medicare, that is the ONLY time that they can acquire a med supp in lieu
    of medical underwriting. Said another way, after age 65, if they are
    sick their only option for the rest of their lives may only be original
    medicare or a medicare advantage plan with limited provider options and
    more annual out of pocket.

    Above is a cogent link. It appears that Doctor Belk, in our opinion, has
    a preoccupation that borders on obsession to the point where it
    alienates his patients.
    We would humbly submit that any self respecting insurance broker should
    share this post wherever possible as Doctor Belk has and continues to
    share his opinions.
    For some reason Doc. Belk has removed my posts from his thread about 3
    times …

    • +P Gillen If they’re not eligible for Medicare, they’re not eligible for
      Medicare is available at age 65 or after someone has been on Medicare
      Disability for 2 years.

  4. Dude, you beat me to the punch! I just had a client e-mail me a letter that
    he received from this Dr. Belk. I was about to do a video like this one. I
    do not understand Dr. Belk’s angle? Why would he advise seniors to not get
    a Medicare Supplement Plan? What is he gaining? Great video, I will share
    this with clients as they bring this up. This guy is mailing this letter
    out to people as well, I just don’t get it…I can tell your heated about
    this, so am I. Again, great video as always!

  5. Not only is the video by David Belk wrong, it is very irresponsible for a
    man in his position to advise people to go without coverage. Great video

  6. Thank you, Chris, for standing up for seniors. It is highly irresponsible
    for this doctor to mislead seniors as he is doing! That’s like saying don’t
    buy fire insurance because your house is not on fire and most likely will
    never be on fire! That works fine until tragedy hits!

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