33 thoughts on “The Next Big Fight: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid

  1. Why are you just lying to people? The trump tax cuts aren’t for the rich, they’re for practically everybody. These Tax Cuts didn’t create a deficit, they increased a already massive deficit. And if you want the US to be fiscally responsible, then everything talked about in their video has to go. As Medicare,Medicaid,and entitlements make up a ludicrous amount of the federal budget, and before you tell me to cut military spending, we spend more on what’s discussed above than on our military. If you look at the math, look at the average life expectancy, and the costs that come with it. The welfare state simply has to go.

  2. Without blinking, they (demorepublicans) increased military budget by ~70 billion just this year. *Together and without arguing!* Just this increase is more than Russia spends on military annually.
    Now they are acting and gaslighting their own constituents *together* , pretending to fight for little people, their welfare and wellbeing.

  3. Why does the usa use such an expensive healthcare system, most European countries have a national health insurance scheme that costs about 1/3 the American private insurance, and rated by the WHO as superior to the USA, you are rated between Costa Rica and Slovenia! How can you tolerate such a situation?

  4. You want US politicians to benefit the people more? Then reform the voting system so people actually have a legitimate 3rd option

  5. Tax breaks for the wealthy feed the wealthy several ways at once.

    The first is obvious: the wealthy get to hang on to more of their wealth.

    The second is more circuitous. In order for government to run a deficit they have to turn to debt instruments. They can borrow from banks but more often they turn to bond markets. The wealthy like bonds. They’re a hassle-free investment, passive income. Buy them, put the in the sock drawer and they earn a bit of money. They aren’t as tricky or risky as having to innovate, hire people, build factories, etc.

    Bonds are, in effect, borrowed taxation. The 99% have to pay taxes and we get no guarrantees that we will recieve it back or even get equivalent services. The wealthy 1%, instead of paying a progressive tax, get to buy bonds which explicitly guarrantees the repayment of the principle plus interest. No other tax-paying citizen gets this guarrantee for their taxes.

    Thirdly, even more circuitous, bond markets hold a leash on gov’t behavior. If a gov’t enacts laws that threaten the repayment of bond debt the bond market punishes the gov’t with devalued bonds and higher interest rates. It is a blunt instrument but one which is undemocratic and can lead a gov’t to effectively punish its innocent citizens.

    So gov’t can cut taxes to the wealthy, use their resulting deficit as an excuse to withdraw from their social contract, provide a safe investment instrument to the wealthy and have an excuse to take still more orders from the big money they favoured in the first place. Gov’t could rapidly remedy this with : 1- default on bonds, 2- campaign finance reform, switch from private campaign donations to public funding, 3 – progressive taxation. Give control of the gov’t back to people.

    • It started under Reagan. Americans are too lazy and stupid to fight for democracy. It has nothing to do with god because god doesn’t exist. Have a nice day.

    • too bad !   you are sad man!   stock is all time high at 26,500 points and unemployment is 45 years low !  But  only the force of Evil are coming out strongly against Trump !  thats you, Robert Reich and the Democratic Party!   MAGA 2020!   Jesus bless America!

  6. I so love this show so much information in such a small amount of time if you think we deserve better than this then register and vote for better we demand better

  7. I’m stopping at the white board. Social Security is not insurance but a tax. Our welfare system should be replaced by a comprehensive negative income tax. This would solve the concerns of and for the elderly more effectively as well as for employees needing a better alternative to the same system which has failed Americans for generations.

  8. Re-legalizing drugs alone would eliminate the national debt and give us a real surplus unlike the one Bill Clinton claimed we had by the end of his reign of terror on the economy. He should have been a little more concerned about having a plan once elected instead of getting elected as his plan. Mr. Reich, you knew about this beforehand and you still helped him. It’s the economy, still.

  9. Hate to break this but SS IS ALREADY BROKE it is the worst
    Investment you’d be better off
    Investing that money
    What we need to do is demand that SS BE an option that you can
    Pay into not because you have to

  10. Very informative video. Thanks for posting. Just curious, did anyone think of Hungry, Hungry, Hippos when they saw the top shot of those boxing gloves in the beginning?

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