The GOP Plan To Privatize Medicare

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Dr. David Hogberg PhD, National Center for Public Policy, joins Thom. Medicare – which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week – is one of the most successful government programs in history. So why do Republicans like Jeb Bush want to destroy it?

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The GOP Plan To Privatize Medicare


11 thoughts on “The GOP Plan To Privatize Medicare

  1. The sickest ppl on Medicare also are too sick to wade thru all the bullcrap
    that is now in Medicare thanks to the GOP who made it too complicated…
    Medicare before Bush was great, simple and easy to deal with! Stop screwing
    it up!

  2. My 85 year old grandmother has a hard time remembering what city she is
    currently in. I couldn’t imagine her using this system. My family would
    have to do it for her.

    • +Arcticnerd the GOP does not think about things like that, because they
      simply dont care about the people. They only care about which lobby or
      donor will give them the most money

    • I typically describe GOP members as devoid of empathy. They don’t seem to
      care until it affects their families.

  3. He did a terrible job explaining his position. You could tell from his body
    language and actions he didn’t even want to be on, just there to plug his
    book. This is a potentially good theory to enhance Medigap plans but just
    leave Medicare alone. Bring down defense spending and no more corporate
    welfare those are good starts. How hard are these concepts?

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