The Deadly Inefficiency Of For Profit Healthcare and the Promise of Medicare for All

Andy Brodock and Alex Lawson bring us in human terms the deadly inefficiency of the for profit healthcare companies. These stories need to be kept in mind as we fight for medicare for all

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The Deadly Inefficiency Of For Profit Healthcare and the Promise of Medicare for All

12 thoughts on “The Deadly Inefficiency Of For Profit Healthcare and the Promise of Medicare for All

  1. Socialised medical care comes with an expectation of understanding the difference between what you “want” and what you “need”. The removal of wasteful unnecessary procedures pushed by the insurance machine and money hungry practitioners paves the way to healthcare for all. Routine circumcision of infant males is a classic example of a “want” in the US that you absolutely do not see in any of the universal healthcare models that exist anywhere in the world, this is merely one example.

  2. It saddens me to hear Andy Brodock quoting Obama 06:02 “Don’ boo; vote”, in his attempt to grasp at Democratic Party straws. As if Obama or any politician within the allowed two party system will ever work against their oligarchs. You need to remember what these individuals are worth and they didn’t get this rich from hard work. Pelosi didn’t accumulate a fortune of over a hundred million dollars by creative innovation. Sadly Andy fails to appreciate the structure of US politics when he says, 06:16 “And if we don’t get representatives that are willing to set that aside and be statesmen and not politicians, then we need new representatives that will do this”. Andy needs to realize that ship has sailed; there are only a handful of representatives working for the people; the majority are working for the oligarchs and their corporations. There is only one rule; the higher you get in politics, the more corrupt you must be and Andy appears to have fallen for the presidential puppet scam so eloquently portrayed by Obama.

    Andy should awaken to the perpetual Democratic-Republican scam so well played by the oligarchs and their minions. The fools are so busy attempting to survive they never see the structured pendulum in a box created to maintain oligarchical control; Pendulum because it continually swings between Democrat and Republican and “in a box” because no other players are allowed into the system. So vote for the Democratic Party and see how far that gets you. Before you do, might I suggest you read the article by Zaid Jilani in the Intercept titled, “DCCC Internal Polling Presented to Members of Congress Panned Single-Payer Health Care”. And then reconsider the futility of voting for the establishment in the Democratic Party.

    • Thank you! Well said. What’s the point of voting back in the Democratic establishment when they’re not going to do anything which will inevitably lead to the GOP getting back the majority once again? I think it is time that we break this destructive cycle that has done so much damage to our Country. Let’s get progressives in there who are not bought and will fight to implement bold policies that the people want. That means the GOP will be wiped out and they’ll never get back into power. The American people will not want to go backwards once they get Medicare for All, expanded social security, livable wages, criminal justice reform, and the corporate cash out of the system. Just to name a few.

  3. the US healthcare (insurance) system is very efficient, not for healthcare, but at making profits, that’s what it is designed to do.
    actually doing any healthcare related stuff is a loss, and they are not there to lose money, so they will endeavour to make as few losses as possible, which means actually paying for as little actual healthcare as possible.

  4. At this point I’m getting a 250 a month bill from the eye surgeon for his care because medicare isn’t covering it. I shall soon not be able to afford it. I will go blind with out this care, I’m planning to get a pistol while I still can see. My new health plan.

    • Old Wisdom oh but progressives say if your a danger to yourself that the gov should take away your guns so you can’t end your own life because they decided that your body is your temple until you want to end your own life then your a slave to the state and if you have super bible thumper Christian family they tell you that suicide is a sin and only god can decide when you die. Doesn’t sound like freedom to me does it to you?

  5. Dr are incompetent and novice u in and out without any care at all u leave same way u came in sick they want u make 5 visits for just one some procedure

  6. Any Democrat who does not run on “Medicare for All” is bound to lose. They better be progressives running on policy anyway!

  7. And, even after this atrocity you won’t even mention naturopathic medicine and explore that option, which actually cures chronic disease and at much cheaper cost?!

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