The A’s, B’s, C’s & D’s of Medicare S. 4 | Ep. 416

Do you know if you are required to enroll in Medicare? How do you enroll? Do you know which plans are best for you? Are there co-pays? 57 million Americans are on Medicare. What you don't know about this government program can leave you with hefty penalties and a loss coverage during the time when you need it most.

Financial experts Joe Anderson and Alan Clopine walk you through the A's, B's, C's, and D's of Medicare. Pure Financial Educator, Jason Thomas, makes sure you understand the common mistakes that many retirees make so you can avoid them. Get ready to be armed with information so you can pick the right plan for you.

Important Points:

(00:54) – Medicare Recipient Facts

(1:10) – Annual Cost

(2:45) – Who Qualifies for Medicare?

(3:30) – Medicare Parts A, B, C, D

(4:40) – Automatic Enrollment (Parts A & B)

(5:34) – Voluntary Enrollment: When You Don’t Quality for Automatic Enrollment for Medicare (Parts A & B)

(6:54) – Special Enrollment Period (Parts A & B)

(8:09) – Signing Up for Medicare (Voluntary & Special Enrollment)

(8:50) – True or False? Once you enroll in Medicare, you can’t contribute to a health savings account or HSA.

(10:53) – Advantages and Disadvantages of going with Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

(12:03) – Medicare Part D (Prescription Drugs)

(13:07) – Interview with Joe & Jason Thomas on Medicare Mistakes

(13:36) – Mistake #1: Failing to Enroll in Part B and D When You Are Initially Eligible

(15:20) – Mistake #2: Accidental Disenrollment from MAPD to PDP

(17:00) – Mistake #3: Confusion Between Supplements – MediGap & Advantage

(19:54) – True or False? You are still eligible for Medicare at age 65 even if your age for full retirement benefits from Social Security is 66 or older.

(21:18) – Two Paths

(22:25) – Email Question #1: I understand that I need to sign up for Medicare at age 65. Is that still true if I am still working full time with health insurance provided by my employer?

(23:25) – Email Question #2: My neighbor told me that you have to pay monthly Medicare premiums and that amount increases as you make more income. Is that correct?

Broadcast Date: August 27, 2017

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