Thankful for the Opportunity to Help with Medicare

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Having obtained my insurance license on 11/03/1995, looking back over the past quarter-century and all that I have learned, taught and been able to help others – truly blessed, I am.

Living in Florida then, now in Charleston, South Carolina, my agency has been able to help Medicare and life insurance clients from coast to coast.
(See my first license image from 1995 here: )

Then, on January 19, 2013, I launched a website to help other agents discover how they can effectively help seniors by using the phone instead of driving. ( See image of site registration here: )

Since then, thousands of agents have come through and have been able to help countless seniors by using our techniques of effectively communicating to help and enroll Medicare recipients into the best plan for them.

Running both of these businesses and, here, looking at the impact on a national map is…. humbling and overwhelming.

Since I do not get to actually, physically see the impact my agency and work has had on people, this is the first time I exported my client and agent list to see it in a map format.

I am SO thankful for the opportunity to have served – to have made a slightly positive impact on those clients and agents, alike, whom I have given my all to try to help in some way.

If you have been one of our clients or, in any way benefited from any information I have ever shared, or one of the agent members of my training site, I thank you.

Thank you for making this possible. I look forward to continuing to do my best to serve and surround myself with capable, client-concerned staff who give it their all and try, every day, to bring competent compassion to their work.

Chris Westfall
[email protected]


Thankful for the Opportunity to Help with Medicare


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