Thank You Bernie For Fighting For Medicare For All!!!

Bernie Sanders: It's time for a Medicare for All, Single Payer healthcare system in America!

Thank You Bernie For Fighting For Medicare For All!!!

22 thoughts on “Thank You Bernie For Fighting For Medicare For All!!!

    • Until then share this video to everyone you know, so they know who the most consistent fighter for the people in Washington is.

  1. Look closely, Republicans and corporate Democrats. That’s what a real politician looks like. That is someone who is actually for the people.

  2. We actually need more shilling for Bernie Sanders. People need to be motivated to vote FOR him. They’re going to vote against Trump as much as they will already. Instead we should be convincing people he is the best candidate out of everyone. That is how we will win elections. Make people fall in love with him.

  3. Wow. Like . . . it has to take an incredible amount of will power, self confidence, heart, and a strong core of unending hope, to consistently promote the exact same message, with the exact same zeal and enthusiasm, for over 30 YEARS! He’s kept up the same talking points longer than I’ve been alive. That is not an easy thing to do. But it shows he is a strong and courageous politician.

  4. How do you not love that man? Even if you don’t agree with him politically, he is the most respectable politician in America.

  5. I’m from Bangladesh and what happens is doctors from big expensive hospitals open tiny clinics sometimes which are attached to their house or near it for dirt cheap healthcare even free if needs be. Lots of underdeveloped countries have this voluntary system. But the US neither has this voluntary system nor does it have a single payer system. So imo it’s even behind underdeveloped countries because you have dead people who can easily be saved.

    Also even rich families go to these shoddy clinics for regular check ups as well since they know it’s better for the doctor to be there for other people than at the hospital.

    For expensive surgeries for poor people we have universities sometimes fund it so students can learn from it.

  6. Thank you senator Sanders for sticking up for us all these years, it took a while but people are listening and we’re waiting to send in our $27. just let us know when and we’ll be there for you

  7. The crazy part is Medicare for all isn’t a doable reality to many, but building the wall with a GoFundMe page is. So people can put their own money into stupid causes like that, but improving domestic programs is not an option? The xenophobia here is unreal.

  8. imagine what it would be like to have a president working toward improving the lives of american people vs a an ignorant lying bully or warmonger

  9. I pay $6 for medications in my country. The same medications cost over $500 in USA.
    I was homeless, and had to have surgery. It cost me nothing for surgery, food, a week in hospital, etc. I even have a medical condition I was born with. The surgeons regularly update their skills around the world, and use latest technology. Thanks to my surgery, I’m now in the position to work, and pay taxes. No longer a burden.
    I don’t think I would survive in the USA.

    • @Samantha Peters
      It’s quite scary knowing that an injury/illness that can happen at any time will get you screwed here in the U.S. 0_0

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