Swamp Thing Paul Ryan’s Snide Lies About Medicare For All

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Swamp Thing Paul Ryan’s Snide Lies About Medicare For All


71 thoughts on “Swamp Thing Paul Ryan’s Snide Lies About Medicare For All

    • +whyamimrpink78
      You can disagree with me all you want, and you can disagree with facts, but you’re wrong. Nothing he said is true. Nothing.

      But Paul Ryan and the Republican party can say the sun never rose today and you’ll applaud them and vehemently argue against anyone who tells you that is factually inaccurate. You’re in a cult.

    • whyamimrpink78 guess other countries are superior because they can care for their people
      But donkeypunched trumpanzees are too busy fellating rethugs

  1. “I am more of a policy guy” says Paul Ryan… the honest rest of that being “so long as those policies screw over regular people, whilst enriching me and my corporate friends.”

    • Unfortunately, another obvious problem with trickle down economics is that you’re not likely to run out of suckers whose heads can be subject to trickles of piss from above and still be convinced that it’s just raining.

    • +Chris’s Kingdom of Air I took micro and macro economics in school and I can confirm your understanding of trickle down is misguided.

    • Frank Lance You guys are getting caught up in the weeds with terminology. The economic trend for supply is that an increase in supply lowers the cost of demand. The demand is what dictates value. You see evidence that It’s a theory routed in fact. (Ex:I’m doing an engine swap on my truck. Chevy, GMC, and Cadillac all use the same engine for their half ton pickups. Aftermarket parts are ridiculously cheap because manufacturers are able to supply parts that fit the demand of 3 car manufacturers.)

      Trickle down economics is a long term economic policy that says cutting taxes on the rich will eventually generate more economic growth as a whole. Both sides will reference the Laffer curve for reasons the policy works or not. (And I see convincing arguments on both sides.)

      Regardless the rich can only be rich if they continue to supply for a demand of the market. It’s not the governments job to dictate what the demand of the market is.
      (Ex: My car insurance cost more than my car because i am required (demanded) to have insurance. When this happens competition is the only variable dictating value of your coverage.)

      My opinion, supply side economics is way better than demand side economics because not only do you force a demand but you demand a supply as well.

  2. I assume too people in other developed countries this is basically the same as arguing against public schools, police or fire departments, and paved roads

    • Deez Nuts Anya Chin
      It wouldn’t make much of a difference for me whether or not his personal claims were true.
      Even if he is a grad student. Even if he is a researcher. Even if he is a physical chemist. Even if he says he“think much deeper on this topic than others.” Even if he says “I understand how complex the issue is.“
      None of this matters if he doesn’t know the climate science.

      And just from one conversation being a neophyte on the topic, I wouldn’t rule out that he doesn’t know the climate science, because some of the things he says just don’t add up for someone who claims to know how complex the issue is.

      The only thing he needs to prove to me is that he knows at least some of the required basics of the science to be able to talk about things specifically related to the basic stuff we know about the science.

    • jojo boko
      He’s also made other personal claims before while rejecting proof of others’ claims. If he can’t be genuinely honest about his personal claims, then how can anyone expect him to be genuinely honest on YouTube, where Internet anonymity allows people to be toxically nasty?

    • Deez Nuts Anya Chin
      I don’t expect him to be honest in general and it’s fairly customary to find people on the internet who inflate their personal claims to give credence to their opinions.

      I only expect him to know what he is talking about when it comes to the subject at hand. And if he doesn’t I go on offense and aggressive until he starts saying stuff like this…

      *” I can admit there are shortcomings to it. I can admit there are flaws in it. I am open to this issue, you apparently aren’t as you refuse to understand my position.”*
      A similar thing seems to have happened in the climate science thread as he has yet to come back to me after I gave my sources.

      And if he decides he wants to talk about these issues again. I copy and paste what I’m said before until others catch on.

      Even if he’s not an honest actor there are ways to get him to fold.
      If he says he’s a scientist and understands how complex the issue is, test him on the science. If he fails on the basic stuff you know he’s full of it without needed to know if his PHD is real or not.

      But I’ll admit there are certain things he does not take. It almost makes me want to set up my own guide on mr pink and his arguments.

  3. oh yea man a government health plan would be a nightmare, remind me what kind of health care Paul Ryan has? Pretty sure congress gets the best healthcare available and its a government plan.

  4. Wrong, Kyle. I’m from Norway, and I’m not laughing. I rarely let these clips get to me, but this one made me really angry. I want to shout at him: “YOU JUST MADE THAT UP!”

    • I’m from Sweden and I don’t really like Norwegian, learn how to speak real Swedish instead. Förstår du människa?

    • Dental bills are the one thing we don’t cover (check-up every 2nd year is paid for kids below 20 years). I pay approx 15 USD for visiting my doctor, and whenever I get redirected to the hospital to see a specialist or to have surgery of any kind it’s approx 41 USD, up until the 230 USD limit.

      There are flaws in our system as well, but not even close to what the republicans are claiming. The stats show Americans pay double of every other developed country, but has lower quality of healthcare. The assumption that quality and innovation will decline in socialized medicine is the only argument left, and it’s bullshit. I met a Swede that argued the same, claiming US had better healthcare than Sweden. To be against socialized medicine you kind of have to be free market absolutist. “We don’t need regulation, cause the market will solve itself”, which is an absurd claim.

    • Carl Sekanina


      guess how many of those country listed has socialized healthcare?

      innovation of technology in regards to medical field mainly depends from the R&D of scientist/researchers in the particular field.rarely you see the medical doctor who works at hospital came up with that.they just simply doesnt have the time to do it.so,it is quite misleading if anyone thinks the extra money the hospital made by charging such a ridiculous price on medical treatment to people will cause an increase in medical technology/advancement

    • _”The US does many things well”_
      Well, right now, providing care for all of its citizens IS NOT ONE OF THOSE THINGS. But it could be. That’s not a _shortcoming,_ that’s a fucking shameful failure.

  5. Margaret Thatcher: “The principle of adequate healthcare should be provided for all regardless of ability to pay must be the function of any arrangements for financing the NHS. We stand by that.”

  6. Paul Ryan is one of the most corrupt politicians in US history. He is probably becoming a lobbyist or just going to do million dollar speech tours after retiring.

  7. He… He quotes Margaret Thatcher on the subject of socialised healthcare. Margaret Thatcher… A British politician who who was convinced out of trying to move to a private system by her ministers because it was demonstrably going to be more expensive for all, the government included, and who pledged to protect the NHS because of this… That Margaret Thatcher is this guys argument against socialised healthcare?

    Like don’t get me wrong she was big on privatisation and ideologically right wing, but even she decided that privatising healthcare was a horrible idea.

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