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Support Medicare For All Or Lose Your Seat

83 thoughts on “Support Medicare For All Or Lose Your Seat

    • Lord can it really be True!! Impeach his butt and all associated with him. Why you ask. Violation of International law, endangering lives by deregulation laws of clean air and water. Threatening to withhold subsidies in order to get other party to agree to Trumpcare crap. Wanting to move Social Security into federal budget (people work and save, not given by government).

    • Lord can it really be True!! Impeach his butt and all associated with him. Why you ask. Violation of International law, endangering lives by deregulation laws of clean air and water. Threatening to withhold subsidies in order to get other party to agree to Trumpcare crap. Wanting to move Social Security into federal budget (people work and save, not given by government).

    • +Sandie Peace a new reason to get all of them out arises daily you can’t even keep up with everything.

  1. It’s sad how some politicians don’t believe in Medicare for all. It’s the most basic right for any citizen and human being who pays taxes for a government. Apparently, Republican politicians don’t care about anything except about their donors and how both of them can benefit each other.

    • +Ant Man “You are not a libertarian, you just want to trade government control of individual people for government control over corporations (which are just groups of people) and people’s wallet.”

      As I’ve said many times, I am neither pro government nor pro corporation. I want all concentrated power out of my life. I am pro people and pro cooperatives. I never said I wanted crony capitalism. Nobody wants crony capitalism. All I’m arguing is that I support universal healthcare, because I believe the evidence shows that it’s the best solution. Single payer universal healthcare is not crony capitalism. It’s basically just an account that everybody pays into through their taxes, and a board of health experts that decides what is covered. It’s not that different from another libertarian fantasy: The government being one guy in a room with a button that fires the nukes…

      “Unions and companies are one and the same, they are groups of people working together to make money for the people in it.”

      No. Coops are non-profit, owned and democratically controlled by the people who use their services, and they exist to deliver that service. Private corporations are for profit, owned and controlled by a small group of people, and they exist to create profit for the owners. If you don’t know the difference, please don’t call yourself a libertarian.

    • +Christian Petersen​​ There you go, you say you are for voluntary cooperation, and then you throw in the word taxes, those two are polar opposite statements.

      Whats the difference between a union working to make money for all the people in the union and a corporation working to make money for the investors?

      You say for-profit like it’s a bad thing, you work the job you go to, for-profit, the union leader does his job, for-profit, the ceo of a company does his job for-profit. Everything in life is done for-profit.

    • +Ant Man “There you go, you say you are for voluntary cooperation, and then you throw in the word taxes, those two are polar opposite statements. ”

      I’m sorry, maybe I should be more clear. I’m not against government programs and private enterprise. I want to rebuild as much of the economy as possible around the cooperative model, but whenever that doesn’t work, government programs and private entrerprise can fill the gaps. I’m not a purist.

      “Whats the difference between a union working to make money for all the people in the union and a corporation working to make money for the investors?”

      Really!? They don’t make money in an association, cooperation or union! Take the water supply, for example (which should only ever be delivered through cooperation or state, not private companies!) If all the customers are the owners of the waterworks, then all the profits would be taken from their own pockets and put back into their own pockets… don’t you see how that doesn’t make any god damn sense? The customers/owners would instead want water as cheap and safely as possible, and the goal of the cooperation would be to deliver that: cheap and safe water!

      With private companies, it is as you say: The owners want to make as much profit as possible. When we’re talking about natural monopolies such as the water supply, a type of infrastructure, you have a recipe for disaster if you let for-profit run that. They’ll have no competition and too much leverage against their customers in that they own the infrastructure. From that position they can extort their customers. That’s why I only want for-profit private companies to make things that I can buy, use and throw away.

      Have I made myself clear now?

    • +Christian Petersen​ Are you going to tell me with a straight face that people in a union don’t profit from being in a union?

    • +Ant Man I’m sorry, you got me confused by switching from talking about non-profits to talking about unions specifically. In danish, there is one word for unions, cooperations, associations and non-profit organization etc. Labor unions are not for profit. In USA, they’re called 501(c)(5)’s. Members pay their contingents, and that money goes to fund the unions activities, not profits for the owners (there are no owners). Salleries are obviously the most important thing that unions negotiate, but they also negotiate hours/week, paid leave and work conditions. So I would say that it’s more accurate to say that unions have a cause to further, and that is the prosperity of their members.

    • Adkins: Oh! There’s your problem: “healthcare industry” You like that, don’t you. Many of us believe the “industry” should be abolished and the US should finally enter the 21st century and join the rest of the developed world by providing the human right of healthcare. (You do know that health outcomes are superior compared to outcomes in the US in, gasp! Cuba.)

    • Lineage2MediaCom I would gladly pay more in taxes and not have to pay for insurance to know that no one would be left to die with easy to prevent diseases that just got worse because they could not afford to get health care. plus you could cover everyone off the money that the top 1 percent have stored in their off shore tax havens. funny how people forget that companies do that.

    • Adkins why the middle class? what happened to fairly taxing that .01% and pharmaceuticals that Trump is willing to provide tax cuts? Medicaid for all cuts out the middle man (insurance companies) that right now; thanks to Trump, has be deregulated so they can raise their premiums to whatever they feel.

    • it would actually save the country money, piss.
      the establishment says it would cost a ton…? what a fucking surprise.
      were you born yesterday?

    • You are a stupid person who doesn’t understand big numbers. According to your bullshit number of $32 trillion, every man, woman, and child in America would have to pay an ADDITIONAL one hundred thousand dollars for medical care. Like the vast majority of Americans, I have paid far less than that much for medical care, DURING MY ENTIRE LIFE! Yes, some people receive medical care that dwarfs that number, but that is the vast minority of people. Get off the internet and go learn about numbers, dummy.

    • Funny, because almost every country with universal healthcare spends around half per head what the US does.

      Healthcare expenditure per head as of 2015 (in US$)

      United States 9451
      Luxembourg 7765
      Switzerland 6935
      Norway 6567
      Netherlands 5343
      Germany 5267
      Sweden 5228
      Ireland 5131
      Austria 5016
      Denmark 4943
      Belgium 4611
      Canada 4608
      Australia 4420
      France 4407
      Japan 4150
      Iceland 4012
      United Kingdom 4003
      Finland 3984
      New Zealand 3590
      Italy 3272
      Spain 3153
      Portugal 2631
      Israel 2533
      South Korea 2488
      Greece 2245

    • Yes, and in Greece they tell you to bring your own sheets to the hospital. F’g 3rd world but hey — it’s single payer!

  2. “Represent the people, quit, or be hanged, your choice” – A future politician’s slogan.
    This I would like to see

    • Alexander Patrick

      I just want to start off saying this: That sounds like a fascist’s argument. “Most Americans are dumb” seems to automatically mean that you’d be willing to circumvent democracy to enforce a regressive system…

      The fact that even idiot Americans have enough common sense to endorse such a system proves my point that it’s absolutely necessary… It’s a factually better way of doing it. It actually costs LESS and does MORE for Americans…

      By the way Socialism isn’t the disease at ALL. The REAL disease is ignorance. You seem to have it.

    • +Pol Commentary Socialism has killed more people than any other system. Watch how USA has a economic meltdown because of it. So many debt in the USA because of Welfare. Bunch of lazy blood suckas.

    • Alexander Patrick

      If you really believe that I can’t fucking help you. Explaining why socialistic policies would be clearly of help to the US would be absolutely impossible because you’re too stupid.

    • +Pol Commentary I feel sad anyone can think line yourself. You just like the people in Venezuela who worship the government and praise to them to give them another handout.

    • I just want to state a little fact. In The Netherlands we get *twice* the insurance for *half* the price. If you want to pay less, adopt a version of universal healthcare.

    • Duh, what is his lawyer going to say when he’s trying to get custody of his kids? Look your honor, I know alex has said multiple times he believes there is a sect of rich people who worship interdimensional beings and that’s why they want to install a global government, but you should still give him full custody.

  3. I really don’t get it guys. Why did only 65k sign the petition ?! Justice democrats has 200,000+ sign ups so why not 200k ? It’s already working imagine how it would be working if the petition were signed by 200k ? So go and get it !

    • America seems to be decades behind all the other developed /wealthy countries in so much, You do not seem to mind spending trillions on bombing other countries but do not seem to want good health care or education. There appears to be something fundamentally wrong with your priorities

    • You can still pressure adults around you to support universal healthcare. Gather a lot of voting age adults and explain them why universal healthcare benefits society in the long run.

      Of course there will be always asshats that stick to cuntsevative values, but you can still make a notably impact.

  4. The “pro-life” conservatives don’t realize that we have the lowest life expectancy and the highest infant mortality rate in the developed world, and that’s because we don’t have universal health care.

    • +Tamara Rodriguez The South is full of backwards politicians. They think that abstinence-only sex ed reduces teen pregnancy, even though it does the exact opposite.

    • +Tamara Rodriguez​ Nope, teen pregnancy has gone down same as all across the us, it didn’t go down as far as some of the others, but it’s on a downward path nonetheless. Also teens, unless you mean like 14 or so, have a lower risk rate than older women.

    • Come on. Texas isn’t responsible for the teen rate decreasing and it’s the third highest in the country and the highest in teen repeat pregnancies. New Mexico is number one in teen pregnancy. Albuquerque and Santa Fe make it blue but a good majority of the counties are red and Hispanics are generally religious nutjobs and act like evangelical Christians. I can’t tell my mom apart from a white evangelical Christian.

      We can do better than this…

      Be like Colorado. Instead of cutting the budget by 66% and seeing an increase in poor women and teens and having kids and also women dying because post-natal budget was cut as well and they’re poor and unhealthy.

    • +Tamara Rodriguez​​ I didn’t say texas was responsible for the decrease, I said the general trend was a decrease along with texas. That was in direct response to you saying that an increase might be responsible for the increased maternal death rate.

      It’s not the government’s job to control the teen pregnancy rate, let it be 100% or 0% for all it matters, it’s not the government’s job to plan society how you think it should be.

    • Regardless, Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate and it shot up after the budget was cut by 66%. I’m positive that there are other factors like obesity and drug abuse, but the whole environment is bad. Also, race is a factor. Black people are more likely to have high blood pressure and heart issues earlier in life which can create complications during pregnancy.

      It’s not the government’s job to control things until it comes to regulating out abortion clinics.

      The gov’t doesn’t have to control anything but let’s stop calling ourselves the best country and southern states aren’t the best.

      Like I said, the south should spend more time fixing and regulating out fried food instead of abortion clinics.

  5. I support medicare for all, but maybe to get conservatives to stop whining about “I pay muh own bills why should I pay for others”, what do you you guys think of a tax credit for people who buy private insurance? Just wondering out loud because I still hear that a lot discussing the topic even though I live in a very blue state. It would give insurance corporations an incentive to be competitive and not price gouge people to motivate people to spend some disposable income on insurance that’s basically available for free.

    • I’m no economist but I don’t see why not. If Congress can force the pharma industry to stop price-gouging to control costs, we adopt a progressive tax policy that lets us afford what we spend money on and stop pointless wars and overspending on the military, it seems like there should be. And the tax credit wouldn’t fully reimburse people for the average cost of insurance but it would be an incentive for families well-off enough to not need the medicare system to not use it.

    • Yeah I agree, military spending seems to be the biggest thing money gets wasted on. That’s a really cool idea imo.

    • Well for anyone who wants that we need to help JD fight for that.
      So we need to take the house in 2018 and make Tulsi Gabbard the speaker.

  6. oregon voters please pressure kurt schrader he is the only one yet to support it. make him support it keep contacting him

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