Support Grows For Single-Payer Medicare-For-All Plan Instead of Massive Cuts to Healthcare

– Health experts say, given the shortcomings of both the Affordable Care Act and Republican proposals, now is the time to move forward with a simple Medicare-for-all system, known as single payer. In 2015, even Donald Trump appeared to come out in favor of a form of single-payer health insurance. About 20,000 U.S. physicians now support single-payer healthcare, and National Nurses United, the biggest nursing union in the country, is also pushing for the program that would guarantee universal coverage. We speak with Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, a key advocate for Medicare for all.

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Support Grows For Single-Payer Medicare-For-All Plan Instead of Massive Cuts to Healthcare

26 thoughts on “Support Grows For Single-Payer Medicare-For-All Plan Instead of Massive Cuts to Healthcare

  1. Trump on the campaign trail: Everyone will be covered, medicare and medicaid will not be cut, deductibles will fall, people with pre-existing conditions will be covered, women will not pay more than men

    President Trump: Sells out and presents a tax cut for the rich disguised as a ‘Healthcare Bill’

    Poor rural working-class Trump supporters: ‘He’s draining the swamp’, ‘but what about Hillary’s emails’, ‘lock her up!’

    • Adam Wall but people bought it.. so dont blame the clown..

      the crowd is the retards..

      We should learn not to trust any rich persons..

    • Adam Wall search for ‘rules for ruler by cgp grey’ on YouTube to really see why politicians backstab the people who helped them get elected.

  2. Trump did that trick shere he says both positions of private healthcare and universal healthcare. He was playing both sides of the issue to get votes.

    • Reginald Regency he used those people only to get elected. Now for next 4 year he is going to work for his real supporters.

  3. Medicare for all would do away with the freedom that lets medical bills put people in bankruptcy. won’t someone think of the insurance companies.

  4. Woolhandler! Such a cool name. We can’t go halfway with single payer, and, while insurance agencies don’t need to be dissolved, they can’t be part of single payer system. They’ll still make money; ultra-rich don’t want to mingle with the unwashed masses anyway.

  5. Capitalism =Kill to eat and destroy the weak to survive..

    Did you guys not see this?

    Now all the weak, poor and ignorant are the new niggers..

    Come on AMERIKKKA did you think capitalism was jesus like…

    You been lied to

    • Citizen Scientist TV You should have said American Capitalism, because in Scandinavia they have a mixed economy, where capitalism is regulated, they have Single-Payer which helps all their citizens. I can understand why you would you would dislike American Capitalism, but understand that the kind of Capitalism we have is not regulated.

    • Conbin Spark When my weather is not engineered, cops stop killing blacks, browns and poor whites, politicians stop lying and cheating, my food has no gmos and antibiotics, my air is unradiated and unpolluted, my health care stops selling me pills or whatever lies to promote dis ease and vaccines, my education systems teach us real knowledge…

      that’s when I can look at capitalism again

  6. I’m an expat who moved to Germany, and I can tell you from countless experiences I witness with people here, that Germany’s HC system is far superior, less corrupt and less complicated than ACA. Not perfect, but far better. Obama simply gave in to Republican pressure immediately, even as he enjoyed a majority, and then went on to work against single payer. it was corruption.

    • I’m German and you’re right. I don’t know how much the cost is in the US if you want to cover everything. Here in Germany one pays 7% of the gross income + 7% from the employer, into the state Health Insurance Fund (Krankenkasse). In addition, 2% of the net income for payments, such as medication or hospitalization with 10 €/day. Chronically ill figures 1%. There are no other costs, no matter what therapy is made or whether an operation is pending.In addition, there is sickness benefit money from the health insurance fund for up to one year.

    • I do not understand why the US government operators don’t work with our allies to develop a similar system in this country.
      What is the problem? Pride, an insistence that the US is the best at everything? Or fear of some kind of caring ‘Socialist system? Or an underlying critical mindset which believes everyone who works hard deserves better health than those who don’t? Regardless of their life story? Ugh………

  7. What is so wrong with a developed nation, i.e. government, caring for its citizens? Can someone please explain seriously why Republicans are so against all citizens getting single-payer healthcare in America like people in other developed countries do? Is it solely a matter of taxes? We pay very high taxes already for wars. What is more important, engagement in incessant, costly, and pointless wars, or making sure citizens can feel peace knowing they can go see their doctors regularly or visit the ER without endless worry about where the money will come from to pay for it.

  8. Also all the Politicians that are setting limits on healthcare have life
    time pensions and 100% healthcare coverage for themselves and their families for the
    rest of their ignorant lives..

  9. Bernie has been fighting for single payer for so long . I hope when it is the law of the land , he will receive the recognition he deserves .

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