Supplemental Insurance Houston Seniors ~ Medicare Supplemental

Healthcare costs are on the rise… Senior Resource Group in Houston, Texas video presentation of general information about supplemental insurance for Houston seniors.

Supplemental Insurance Houston Seniors Transcript:


Hello everyone. Senior Resource Group here to talk about supplemental insurance for Houston seniors. We have seniors in Houston and the surrounding cities call us all of the time asking if supplemental insurance is necessary, what it covers, and if it's affordable.

We're here to help. When we discuss about supplemental insurance with Houston senior, we know it's not one-size-fits-all. Fortunately, there are a wide assortment of options available and we are dedicated to educating and helping Houstonian seniors with the supplemental insurance process. A quality supplemental plan is important to help cover the healthcare expenses that Medicare does not cover.

There are many Medicare supplemental insurance plans available to work in coordination with your Original Medicare policy. The supplemental insurance plans offer varying levels of coverage to help pay for out-of-pocket costs such as co-pays, deductibles, and prescription drugs.Our Medicare savings expert will help you
understand the different supplemental insurance plans options available for Houston seniors and help you make an informed choice on a plan best suited to meet your healthcare needs.

Melissa Adams is an expert on supplemental insurance in Houston, TX and has helped hundreds of individuals get the best suited coverage with the best rates.

For personalized guidance, Call Melissa today at Senior Resource Group,
(800) 310-8536!

Senior Resource Group
12100 Metric Blvd
Austin TX, 77758
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Supplemental Insurance Houston Seniors ~ Medicare Supplemental

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