24 thoughts on “Steven Brill and Bernie Sanders: Medicare For All

  1. I agree What Bernie said. Medicare for all it is Human right . Bernie
    Sanders is only Candidate which places the people ahead of profits . Bernie
    for President 2016.

  2. It’s beyond absurd and pathetic that we are still debating whether or not
    Healthcare is a human right in 2015. Canada answered that question nearly
    60 years ago.

  3. Fixing pharma prices in 3 steps:
    1) Forbid medicine advertisements.
    2) Government controlled & sponsored research facilities – take the profit
    motive out of finding new treatments.
    3) Allow corporations to compete in the manufacturing of meds, so long as
    they meet quality standards for safety & effectiveness. (generics.)

  4. I come from Scotland where it’s essentially single-payer, and it’s is
    do-able and morally correct for U.S.
    Much of the pharmaceutical profits are for aggressive advertising rather
    than research. It’s a rip-off as Bernie says.

    • The problem is info-overload. Many show a wilful blindness about what’s
      going on, but i think that’s borne of a Darwinian instinct, and lets face
      it, making ends meet is a challenge. Our perspective becomes insular and
      relative. John Oliver does a lot in a very good way, using comedy to tell
      some complex facts. I think artists of all genres need to step up and get
      the message across as people are either too lazy or too fatigued to invest
      in what’s really going on. We need people to be inspired by Woody Guthrie
      and get commenting and to evoke critical thinking in accessible ways.

  5. Hello from north of the border. I can only say that you guys need to fight
    harder for what we have in Canada. I can’t imagine where I would be without
    our public healthcare system. Bernie is your only hope. No politician in
    Canada would dare try to get rid of public healthcare. The Saskatchewan
    premier who first brought in single payer decades ago, Tommy Douglas is a
    national hero. He was voted the greatest Canadian of all time a few years
    ago in a national poll.
    I’m hoping and praying that for your sake that Sanders will be your next
    president. You folks down there have suffered enough.

  6. This man disagrees with #Bernie yet makes the case for expanding #Medicare
    and using this successful program to make sure healthcare is not a
    marketable resource but rather a national asset. Hmm. #SideBern? 

  7. This logic can be applied to many facets of so called free market
    capitalism. The Free market ideas of Adam smith depend on a whole list of
    constituents that no longer exist in today’s market..

  8. There should be FREE healthcare and we do this by nationalization of all
    healthcare companies including the whole pharmaceutical industry, hospitals
    and clinics. They should be owned by society and run by people who work in
    the field!

    We end the profiteering of big business on people’s health. Billions are
    spend on wasted commercials and other greedy capitalist programs. No
    private sector at all!!

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