Stephanie Cutter: Medicare Whiteboard

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Stephanie Cutter breaks down how the Romney-Ryan plan will end Medicare as we know it, turning it into a voucher system and making seniors pay up to $6,400 more. She also shares how President Obama is already strengthening Medicare and helping seniors save money.

Stephanie Cutter: Medicare Whiteboard

17 thoughts on “Stephanie Cutter: Medicare Whiteboard

  1. I know first hand that this is working, Because I am a senior citizen that
    has medi care. Each month I was struggling to pay for my medicine, but in
    January when I went to pick up my medicine for the month I paid 0 dollars
    and it has been that way every since.

  2. Please tell your friends Fannie. The GOP will continue to lie and confuse
    seniors about the subject. Seniors themselves can help by letting others
    know how closing the doughnut hole has helped them. If Obamacare is
    repealed, that benefit goes away.

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