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At Shop Health Care, we specialize in all types of Medicare Supplement Plans, sometimes called Medi-Gap plans. Additionally, Medicare Advantage Plans are another way to manage your Medicare benefits. We also make sure you get the right Part D Medicare Drug plan that provides you with the coverage you really need and want in order to feel secure in your health journey.

Critical Illness Insurance, Cancer
We can provide plans that pay you for Cancer and Critical Illness diagnoses. In the event of an unexpected illness, when something comes at you, out of left field, you need help for extra costs that are not covered by traditional insurance. We have the professional experience to help you find a plan that will protect you from these unforeseen circumstances.

Dental and Vision
As a senior citizen, you start getting discounts on movie tickets, plane tickets and the like, why not on Dental and Vision. We can find the right plan for you and help you get the discounts you deserve.

Life/Final Expense Burial Plans
Life/Final Expense Burial Plans are part of the details we can help you address in meeting your desires for how things would be ideally handled. Typical life insurance will expire once you reach a certain age (usually 60-75 years of age). Most people will outlive these policies and only realize the this when it is too late to address the issue. Burial plans do not expire and will pay out the claim typically within 72 hours in order to keep family from having the burden of covering funeral costs. We have over 15 years of experience in helping individuals plan for the inevitable.

In Summary: What a Health Insurance Agent Can Do for You!
The most important piece in the decision-making process is to make sure you have all the facts about your specific set of circumstances and get with a knowledgeable and well-trained professional health insurance agent.


⬥ You are a first time Medicare applicant
⬥ You lost a job and insurance coverage need to change
⬥ Congress has acted or not acted on what you thought Medicare was going to do for you
⬥ You can keep your doctor, or you must be referred to a new doctor or group…

We at ShopHealthCare.Info are here to be that friend and trusted adviser to help you get exactly what you need. That is our guarantee and you can count on us to be there for you. There is no cost to you to use our services and tap our knowledge. No matter your health insurance questions, please call (410) 753-4079 or (855)-219-4662 to get the answers you are looking for. Or book an appointment. Or just stop by our conveniently located office at 410 Main Street, Reisterstown, MD 21136

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Shop Health Care Medicare Info 855-219-4662

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