Shocker! Health Insurers Condemn Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ Bill

In the least shocking news ever, health insurers and pharmaceutical companies have come out against Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare for All' bill (S. 1804). In other news, water is wet, the earth is spherical, and the sun is hot.


*Clarification: Brent Saunders is the CEO of Allergan, a pharmaceutical company. During this segment I implied Allergan was a health insurance company.

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Shocker! Health Insurers Condemn Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare for All' Bill

48 thoughts on “Shocker! Health Insurers Condemn Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ Bill

  1. This video is a segment from *Episode 111* of *The Humanist Report* podcast. If you don’t want to wait, you can watch the entire episode right now—before it hits YouTube—by becoming a $5 Patreon patron! Otherwise, the rest of this episode will be up on this YouTube channel on September 27th. Enjoy the show!

  2. 0:24 Love the way they try to portray Bernie Sanders. As unsure, scared and week. That´s far from the truth.

    Swedish leftwing commentary with english subtitles. Check it out if that sounds interesting.

  3. Capitalism has a problem. The problem is that individual producers’ interests don’t align with the interests of the community at large. Individual producers’ only aim is to benefit the company at the expense of everyone else. If everyone is greedy, everyone is worse off on average.

    Socialism views things differently. Socialism is an organized comprehensive system of production where each producer produces with a view to improving the whole of society. No wealth, no huge profits, no want, no anxiety. Only a calm middle class prosperity.

    • Bob Blacka If you are providing healthcare for profit on a comparative market then that drives prices down and you will have to provide high quality healthcare, if a company charges extravagant prices out of greed you can be sure another form will simply undercut them, the profit motive drives innovations and advancement socialism only leads to stagnation and decline.

    • @Paneuropäischer Nationalismus The economic model where firms are forced to lower prices to maximize profit are only under conditions of perfect competition–where firms are price takers. Under conditions of economies of scale, healthcare firms are natural, regional monopolies and oligopolies. When firms are not in perfect competition, they have the ability to raise prices above their marginal cost and create a dead-weight loss to society.

    • Paneuropäischer Nationalismus Competition does not lower medical costs.
      If it did, the US would have the cheapest healthcare in the world, but instead it has the most expensive healthcare costs for mediocre results.

      For profit insurance companies are all about ripping people off and driving up costs for everyone else. That is how they “compete” and make their profits. American insurance companies actively lobby hospitals and doctors to raise their prices so that insurance companies can offer discounts. The reason why more than half of hospital staff work in finance is because they need that many people to negotiate with all of the insurance companies.
      Almost all of that overhead would be removed without private insurance. That is one of many reasons why single payer is much cheaper.

    • Naive slogans . The system creates and promotes this greedy soulless demons to be Politician and Upper management Personnel , killing them would only bring replacements from lower ranks

    • A normal person spending enough time in a corporate structure (or media ) will slowly turn into the monsters he despised as a youth , and as the corporate machine is functioning others will come in and replaces the loses they will run out eventually after you committed a mass murder and turned into a monster yourself , we know how things go for people going that road (Chomsky has a lot to say on those 2 points )
      Here is a better idea instead of your symptomology level of of approach . Fix the underlying issues . Restructure corporate structures by laws , Forcibly braking up the too big to fail monopolies , punish couple of well known offenders . But that’s would require higher level of thinking than make me feel good approach practiced by low level revolutionary Marxist and Antifa thugs ( me smash fascist me feel good )
      Just read modern work , it’s good for you

  4. The insurance companies had their chance to do the fair and honest thing, offering good coverage at a fair price. Now, too bad if you go out of business. We don’t need you.

    • Something nobody talks about: What will happen to insurance company employees if they go out of business. Here it is: The rich folks at the top have their money. They don’t need more money — really. If they have problems, then they should learn how to handle the money that they do have, maybe downgrade to a smaller mansion, etc. Anyway, they all have other business interests and investments, so they’ll still be finding ways to steal from us. … Pretty much everyone else will be absorbed as federal employees, with all those lovely fed employee benefits, some maybe state employees with lovely state benefits. In between, they’ll receive unemployment benefits.

      The government should make sure that the big bosses pay their vendors before they pay themselves with the insurance company assets.

    • I still think it’s funny that these people rail against “government coming between your and your doctor” when it’s actually private companies doing that!

  5. Too little too late. There’s no reigning you in. We WILL have single payer! You’re ripping off the country is over. Hopefully you have enough billions to survive

  6. Imagine a policy where the government forced you to cut off one of your limbs of your choice or die, your choice.
    Imagine another policy where the government forced you to trim your fingernails but did not let you amputate any arms.

    Which policy gave more choice? The first one.
    Which policy was not as bad? The second.

    More choices isn’t always better if the choices are shitty.

    • Jack Barman: Medicare is single payer and they NEVER tell my doctor how to practice medicine. My wife has a good private insurance plan and they constantly tell her doctor what he can and cannot do. Then, after promising to pay, they deny coverage on a technicality. Financial risk companies (AKA insurance companies) should not be practicing medicine. That’s what our doctors are for.

  7. Here’s an idea for the insurance industry… for every person who dies for being denied care an insurance ceo, lobbies, etc goes to prison for manslaughter. Let’s do that and see how quickly it takes for them to support single payer ^-^

    • I would take that to 2nd degree murder. They are in control and can allow more coverage but a CEO making a billion dollars in one year (united health care), will not be willing to take a million less in compensation! They need to be sent to the sun! ABOLISH them!

    • Making a company accountable? That’ll be a first. The only way to put a CEO in jail in the USA is to catch them stabbing a person on live TV.

    • Statutory Grape – We are seeing moves towards this with the opioid epidemic actually on the state level, the federal government is too corrupt I agree, but on the state level there is a chance. What I hate is they keep it in civil court and really need to treat what these people do as criminal. Probably not going to happen anytime soon but I was putting forward a recommendation as holding them to account would probably scare them out of the industry or make them support at least a public option or single payer.

  8. Good work. Keep it up! Profit from health and saving life is immoral. This shill for the insurance industry should take his fat wallet and run to his secure compound where he can cry a river. The dog-n-pony show we see in congress now shows how our representatives are caught between the voters demands and their donors’ interests. *Feel the Bern!*

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