Shameless Chuck Schumer Refuses To Support Medicare For All


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Shameless Chuck Schumer Refuses To Support Medicare For All

77 thoughts on “Shameless Chuck Schumer Refuses To Support Medicare For All

    • Pepe Frog 2
      The regulations are designed to protect the people getting the care, apparently people like you would rather have insurance companies have more power, unreal another brainwashed middle classes convinced to want things against themselves, another rube.

    • +Lakers fan You’re still a brainwashed fool, trapped in the false paradigm. Here you have a video of the crook Schumer and yet you pivot back to fucking insulting the other side. There is only the corporate elite and the working people. The left/right paradigm is BULLSHIT! They want us balkanized and perpetually at each other’s throats. BUY A FUCKING CLUE!

    • He is a corporatist. They are paid by corporations to protect and advocate their interests. They are the ENEMY OF WORKING PEOPLE. That is all.

    • BLACK ALIEN MUSINGS – Bernie sold out for a beach house. I detest Weepy Chuck, as well, but at least his price is higher than Bernie’s. #BeachHouseBernie #WeepyChuck

    • It is the norm for Lefties to be in the closet Righties.. Like Hillary and the rest of them, including Bernie, are in big pharma’s pocket.

    • +Mike Brendan I think you progressives/Jimmy Dore fans are more republican than I am. You think the Russia investigation is a hoax, just like the republicans. You think Donald Trump is not a threat to democracy, just like the republicans. You don’t think Trump’s lying is a big deal, just like the republicans. You believe in conspiracy theories, just like the republicans.

    • +Mike Brendan You never read any of my earlier comments. I said that I was for medicare for all. But on one condition….if the government regulates what people can eat, so it will bring down costs. Because I believe in regulations. Something that you probably don’t because you are republican lite

    • +Mike Brendan Charities are also funded by private donations, so you weren’t being completely honest in your previous reply. Just like a republican

    • Mike Brendan Justice Democrats and Our Revolution – endorsed candidates are the future of the Dems , and .

    • +Veit Dalee lol, Seder has no chance. His “supporters” are worse than Hillbots. You’re never going to convince people you’re better than them by talking down to them. Wanna be the smarty left and prove everyone else is ignorant? Try learning things and saying smart things. Calling other people ignorant isn’t the same thing as being smart. You’re the most intellectually lazy asshats on the planet.

    • +Veit Dalee I never claimed to be smarter than anybody. You called me ignorant, but you did not substantiate that claim. IMO it was dumb comment because you were responding to a simple comment I made that Sam Seder is Chuck Schumer’s nephew. There’s nothing ignorant about that statement. Why did you feel compelled to call me ignorant to begin with? Does it make you feel a certain way? Do you think it is a substitution for an actual argument? How is it not intellectually lazy to call someone ignorant just because you’re butt-hurt about a joke? Seder followers like you are a blight on progressivism and civil discourse.

    • +Danny Knapp    let me substantiate my claim. Sam Seder is in np way related to Chuck Schumer.
      So tell me. What did you try to say with your comment?

  1. Kyle says all the time that the democrats never get in a room and lay out their talking points with each other like the republicans. With all of them saying “universal access” to weasel out of supporting MFA they clearly do get coordinate and talk about their framing. They just suck at it.

    • C Snap “Medicare for all is always in the discourse and will probably be a thing in the next few years.” You don’t think there’s a chance you’re being overly optimistic here? Your big claim to fame is a “probably.” Jimmy has done nothing, but they “probably” will! Oh boy. This is kinda why we need Jimmy. To hold their feet to the fucking fire because people like you clearly won’t. And Jimmy’s done nothing? He’s given tons of progressives a platform on his show.

    • Veit Dalee Not sure if you are trying to say that the Supreme Court is Jimmy’s fault or not, so I won’t be aggressive here. But I wouldn’t have had much faith if the dems were the ones picking the judges. They aren’t stupid. They know exactly what they’re doing.they are already trying to pass paygo which would also make Medicare for all nearly impossible.

  2. Socialism is baaaad, you know, like medicate for all, affordable education, anything for the people.

    But bailing out Wall Street, subsidizing big business, and anything for the 1% is totally not socialism, right? Therefore is great!

    *Irony off*

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