Senate Dems Propose Medicare Buy In At 55

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Senate Dems Propose Medicare Buy In At 55

63 thoughts on “Senate Dems Propose Medicare Buy In At 55

    • Elijah C So basically these people called the Yes Men pretend to be from industries, usually industries that have horrible track record in terms of thing like pollution and basically say things that are the opposite of what industries would usually say ( like apologizing for accidents and say they are going to change the way they do business, basically the right and honest things )and basically the industry would be forced to adimit they are shitty and say that they are not going to those thing which runs their image.
      So what happened was one of the Yes Men pretended to be from the DNC and was saying that they were finally going to do a full progressive platform and how older member were in the following week were going to resign so that younger people could join a d how they won’t take corporate cash to which now Democrats are in a pickle cause now they have to either openly support these popular policies or deny them.

    • Is that like with the troll who was able to breach white house security and pretend he was literally Rance Prebius to twitter troll Scaramouchi?

    • philpott kentucky Because I’m 55 and the reason I need a good replacement, is for all that exercise I did to make it to 55.

    • +Lucas McNamara​ so apparently we have money 7.6 trillion dollars for a Iraq and 16 trillion dollars for her when walkthrough cause an economic meltdown but Healthcare is too much to ask huh?

    • philpott kentucky Not in good physiological or physical health. The one thing I hate,is that most of the fat Asses have better joint articulation then me. Most SAT out of gym class. I’m middle aged and PISSED OFF.

  1. i really hope this justice democrats thing works out like the tea party did for the right. People need to pay atteniot to the primaries of 2018. dems are unlikely to take the senate cause they have so many seats up but they could do well if some of these establishment dems can get the boot in the primarys

    • I’m sorry to be a buzzkill… but the Tea Party “movement” was largely fake and was funded by ultra-wealthy people like the Koch Brothers.
      It looks like justice dems will go somewhere though because of its actual grassroots genuine support.

  2. 1:25 I don’t feel like most democrats are realizing the reality of what happened in 2016. In the instances that they are, they are bringing back the wrong conclusions from what happened.

  3. How about the government becomes the sole insurance provider for every American and provides everyone with well funded high quality healthcare regardless of pre existing conditions, age, and wealth? I dunno, kind of seems like a given

    • No being poor doesn’t give you the excuse to commit crime. But most people don’t commit crimes because they want to, they do it out of necessity. When people are able to provide themselves the basics of living, without having to struggle, they usually wont turn to crime. Crime is on of many products of poverty. Why would someone who can afford a house, car and food want to risk going to jail? Again, I’m not giving criminals a pass, but Im trying to enlighten you with the underlying causes of crime and why poor people are more susceptible. And the fact the white collar crime is not punished with the same severity even though it can affect millions of people (ex. bankers responsible for 2008)

      Can’t buy your way into med school, but being from a rich family sure doesn’t hurt. I don’t mean literally buying into a school; just a way of saying that the advantages for the wealthy to get into prestigious expensive schools are much greater than the poor.

      Oh so a student of yours paid $400 a semester because of a program funded by the government? You mean like a form of subsidized education? Awesome! Lets extend that to everyone and have the subsidizes decrease the higher your income.

      Governments been in debt since Jefferson? So then who cares how much debt the government is in, looks like the US as survived the last 200 years just fine. If the government is going to be in debt either way, lets have it in debt for noble reasons and not just to fund wars, feed the military industrial complex, and give billions in welfare to oil companies.

      I don’t hate the rich. I just think average Americans should get something in return for building the greatest economy ever to exist. It sounds more like you hate the poor and hard working American working class families.

      Only 5% of people work two jobs, or more than 40 hours a week? I find that hard to believe, source please

      Stagnant wages are also the result of dying unions, loss of working rights state by state, and the deregulation of industry. Productivity has shot up drastically over the last 30-40 years for a number of factors (automation is one), and yet workers actually have less buying power than 30 years ago.

      Yes, invest in research and development to make profit. Thats the capitalist system at work. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tax the rich and corporations. The left is asking for reasonable tax increases and to close loopholes, we don’t want to kill investment. But as it stands, the wealthy are not being taxed nearly enough and some multi billion dollar corporations don’t pay a dime in taxes.

      One time purchases that contribute massively to the economy. Consumers/consumerism helped propel the wealth of the entire nation, its not minuscule.

      When the middle class has money, the economy booms. That is a fact. Look at the highest per capita GDP nations in the world, they all have strong middle classes.I dont understand, do you not want the middle class to expand in the US? Do you not want to give poor people well paying jobs to get them out of poverty? You just want the poor and super rich? Is that your idea of making america great?

    • How is that capitalism? A well-regulated capitalist society is the fairest society when it comes to allowing people to shine based on their hard work ethic and determination. Communism is certainly does not offer a fairer alternative. Communism is wholly anti individual freedom. Individual freedoms are something most people enjoy.

    • Again, social democracy. We can have both civility and innovation. Communism is not civil. Being anti-freedom is not civil.

    • +Apollo GJB
      You give me a headache. You misuse terms. Try not to get your definitions from commercial TV. “Communism is wholly anti individual freedom.” This is laughable to anyone who studied the definition of the term “Communism”.

    • Lol, the irony in your comment is what’s laughable. For anyone who actually understands communism, not just “studied it”, it’s blatant that communism is incompatible with many of the individual freedoms that make up a fair and civilized state. There is no real individualism in communism.

  4. Single payer systems don’t work when there’s an individual choice. It’s like voluntary taxes. It just doesn’t work.

    • Equals Four why not? Do you believe people are not going tonhelp each other at heart? People are not inherently greedy. Force doesn’tdo anything.

    • Snape Nightmare Ok, take the public option. Everybody who buys in has to pay a 10/10 payroll tax or something similar, but anybody rich enough to cover their healthcare for less than 10% of their income won’t do it. Meanwhile, every broke person with emphysema jumps onboard, which would be fine if EVERYONE were paying in. But everyone isn’t, so the system goes under. Social democracy doesn’t work when taxes are voluntary, again.

  5. No No NO! By all means invest more of our $ into military industrial complex to serve & protect the oil companies instead of people

  6. At what point does Bernie Sanders say – ok this is not progressing.. time to go independent and form a new party…

    • Theres no such thing as a dumb question – lets hear your answer. In any walk of life competition is good. Its quite clear that the Dems and Republicans are both on the same gravy train. Nothing lasts forever. If the system does not work it gets replaced. And the system is absolutely not working.

    • Thanks for your opinion, but having better healthcare options for one set of Americans and not for another is stupid. I understand at the time of Medicare it was to help older pepple and not have them be so poor. Today’s reality is that most medical bills and insurance costs (co-pays and deductibles too) are way too expensive for most Americans. I shouldn’t have to wait around for better options because I’m only 38. I am also a human. My position won’t change.

    • Mooose Gal
      I’m not asking for you to change your position. I’m asking you to realize that passing Medicare expansion in the form of a buying for everyone 55 and older, actually makes it easier to argue for Medicare for all. If a Medicare buying at 55 is passed, it will help prove the solvency of Medicare and it will be a smaller leap to cover everyone.

      You realize there’s no limit to the amount of legislation that can be proposed on a topic. There’s no law preventing the passage of a Medicare expansion and the proposal legislation for Medicare for all. Placing more people under Medicare will make medicare-for-all a smaller leap. There’s no logical reason to hope this bill doesn’t pass if you are for Medicare for all or any other single-payer system. If you believe medical insurance is not the responsibility of the government then you should oppose this bill.

      Also can I be real with you? You are 38 years old, there’s a chance you reach the age of 55 and medicare-for-all has not been passed yet. You might regret not having the option to buy into MediCare at that point.

    • In the the meantime we waste time. If the ultiimate goal is Medicare for all, go with that from the begining. Republicans go for their ideas. It’s time the progressives take over the Democratic party and go bold. Triangulation should have died with the 90s.

    • Mooose Gal

      “In the the meantime we waist time. If the ultiimate goal is Medicare for all, go with that from the begining. Republicans go for their ideas. It’s time the progressives take over the Democratic party and go bold. Triangulation should have died with the 90s.”

      Why not go for medicare for all after Medicare buy in at 55 passes? Republicans never turn down a chance to move the boundaries of the debate in a rightward direction, even by an inch. Ideally the paul ryans of the world want a flat tax, but that doesnt prevent them from supporting smaller tax cuts.

    • It’s like with Obamacare. We all knew that single-payer was the better way to go, but we wasted years with debating the lesser plan. Not to mention all the propaganda was spewed. It would have been much better if we adcocated for the better idea upfront.

  7. I get what they’re doing. They figure, “Well, if they want Medicare for all, then they will CERTAINLY go for a token measure in that direction.” Uh, NO! The time for incrementalism has PASSED! WE DO NOT WANT A “NOD”!!


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