Sanders vows to introduce ‘Medicare for All’

Jake Tapper asks Sen. Bernie Sanders if he will introduce a single-payer health care bill, now that the Republican Obamacare repeal effort has collapsed.

Sanders vows to introduce 'Medicare for All'

49 thoughts on “Sanders vows to introduce ‘Medicare for All’

    • Real Fake News typical braindead, inbred, WORTHLESS Trumptard! you lemmings are good for absolutely nothing! you’re total garbage!

    • Praxis , President Trump’s supporters are mainly fairly clean cut folks with jobs, businesses, and families, who know how the real world works. You see them all at his Huge rallies on tv. On the other hand you have the Crazy Bernie bots and totally uninformed hillary voters. Wild eyed libtard kids with blue hair and body piercings, running through the streets in masks throwing rocks. You all look and sound like you’re due up next on the Jerry Springer show. Do society and America a Yuge favor and DON’T procreate!!!

    • Real Fake News Your kidding me right. Majority of the US disagrees with trump. Majority Trump supporters are racist, unintelligent, and have no understanding of politics in the long run. We need more presidents like Obama. He cared for all Americans and wanted the best for all citizens. Trump only care about the wealthiest citizens and brain washed dummy’s like you to support him.

    • Nope, it’s just advocating that everyone be responsible for their own well being. This is a nation where the individual should reign supreme, not the collective.

    • Hey William Smith, you’re still human garbage that should jump into an active volcano. we’d all appreciate it if you and all the other trumptards disappeared permanently.

    • Robert Fields don’t call the police when someone breaks into your house then. you’re getting robbed? not my problem. deal with it yourself.

  1. The government fails at almost everything they try to do, and you left wingnuts want them in charge of your healthcare!!! How stupid!! Do you like waiting at the DMV? Do you like having to interact with any government agencies? Have you not heard of the veterans dying waiting for care from the VA?! That’s your government healthcare!!

    • Scott , the House approved $1.6 billion for starting on our much needed border wall, which is a start, and will be recouped from Mexico through trade negotiations absolutely. And it’s not really 50% useless government bloat wasting taxpayer dollars, it’s closer to 70%. Totally unconstitutional government waste and abuse. That’s why we need President Trump!!

    • gledak yotou , unfortunately it appears that after obama America is more deeply divided than ever. Each side stands for totally opposite things, ways and means. Trump is the best thing to happen to America since Ronny and he will succeed. The evil hasn’t been able to take him down yet, and they won’t. Hey, remember when that big fly landed on Crooked Hillary’s face during the debates? Wasn’t that hilarious!!! LOL!!

    • Patrick T , I know several Canadians. They say the government healthcare there sucks. The wait times are long and the quality is poor. The Canadian’s with money come to the U.S. and buy our quality care from their own pockets.

  2. Our healthcare system is designed to make money for insurance companies, agents, and associated third parties, as well as pharma.

    • Jim Blane actually countries with single payer have objectively better quality of healthcare than the United States even though we spend WAY more money and don’t cover everyone.. Try doing a little research

    • Pharma def benefitting; yes insurance companies; but don’t forget the other side, the medical community (Drs, hospitals)– huge profit giants even if non-profit status. I know, I see all sides in my work world! Greed plain & simple!

    • Scott, I doubt he does because he is just parroting something he heard from another ill-informed degenerate.
      I really hate name calling but damn this is getting frustrating.

  3. bernie is a sleaze ball. Hey bernie, look at Venezuela is that how you want America? You & CNN are FAKE NEWS

    • Everybody in civilized western world is going poor and bankrupt except the United States LMFAO! In reality those governments and societies prosper far more than America thanks to their socialist policies and progressive attitudes socially. I suggest you really inform yourself before you shoot your mouth off making dumbass statements……

  4. In the UK the NHS {national health service} was introduced after WW2. Free healthcare for everyone remains one of the greatest programs introduced by any British government. The USA is so far in front in terms of military ect., but so far behind when it comes to the national care of its people. Mr Sanders is on the right track.

    • I’m sorry but the NHS truly sucks. The German system is way better. The NHS was a good idea that has gone terribly wrong. I oppose Trump and think he is the worst president…but citing the NHS is a terrible idea. NHS is run by Trusts…they are in fact very corrupt and accountable to no one. When things go wrong in the NHS they really go wrong. Also, the UK has a terrible legal system making those who do wrong even less accountable. The NHS today does not respect privacy and often act more like a police authority rather than a health authority.

    • akroidian1….The NHS that was created after WW2 was beyond doubt one of the greatest advances to ordinary people in the modern world, that was my point.  Alas, there are now great problems within the NHS, through, as you say, Trust corruption, overstaffing in positions that need reducing and understaffing in positions that need increased staffing. Nevertheless, the NHS, for all its modern day faults, still provides a service to all and not just some.

  5. Heres a better question, why be quick to resort to the mainline drug industry when some illnesses can be relived through natural remedies

  6. Ah, typical Bernie Sanders, failing to recognize the wrongness of forcing people in to a health care with out giving them a choice. What is crazy is that this guy probably see’s how bad Obamacare is, and all he can think is, “hey, lets make Obamacare on steroids.” That kind of socialism is poison to America. We AREN’T supposed to be like the other countries! That is what makes us great and prosperous! Leave us alone!

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