Ryan Tries/Fails To Defend Medicare Plan

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan struggled to defend his wildly unpopular Medicare plan on Meet The Press. Cenk Uygur breaks it down.


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Ryan Tries/Fails To Defend Medicare Plan

20 thoughts on “Ryan Tries/Fails To Defend Medicare Plan

  1. @MastermindX No, there is no fix for Medicare or SS, it can’t be fixed, just like US debt can’t be repaid, just like US banks can’t survive without gov’t bailouts, stimulus, free money, just like US economy cannot survive without removing gov’t from it.

    Those things are done, not in nominal terms, but in real terms, as in the checks will keep coming, but they won’t buy anything.

  2. @romanmir01 Well if you are OK with it, then give away your social security and medicare benefits, but I paid for them and I’m not giving them away because the politicians didn’t do their jobs properly. I fulfilled my part of the contract, now I expect to receive the service I paid for.
    Also what do you get for being a mindless drone of corporatist propaganda? I hope you are at least a millionaire, elsewhere that’s sad…

  3. @MastermindX I have enough of these benefits, that if you believe you’ll have any of it, then I am absolutely willing to sell them to you, wanna buy them? I’ll sell them to you at 1/4 of their ‘worth’.

    As to all of this nonsense being spewed, that people are voting against their interest if they do not vote immediately to rob others of their income – it’s called a long term perspective vs short term gain (besides, I am not a thief). In the long term your way of thinking will kill the economy.

  4. @romanmir01 No, I don’t want to rob anything from anyone. I paid for my medicare and for my SS, and I intend to get what I paid for, how is that robbery? The ones who robbed us are the ones who took the money from SS for their benefit. My way of thinking is actually the basis of all economy: pay for product, receive product.

  5. @MastermindX Yes, you’ve been had. Welcome to reality, where the politicians promise things to you, but don’t have to deliver, while they are accusing businesses of doing the same, but those businesses that do that, you don’t have to deal with them, you can choose a competitor. With the politicians, your only choice is basically to leave the country, as I have.

    So you want to buy my SS benefits?

    And no, you are not paying into any fund, it’s all US bonds, there was never a fund.

  6. @Fringe111 If you took 100% of the Gross income from the top 500 companies in the US, it would still take several years to pay off 14 trillion dollars. Also, it would take even longer if you consider the 90 trillion or so that the U.S. is behind in Medicare costs, but that debt is “invisible,” lol. The U.S. Government has the maturity and restraint of a 4 year old when it comes to money.

  7. Cut medicare,
    The US goes Bankrupt, the dollar inflates like a balloon, and all your money becomes worthless anyway.

    I don’t agree with lowering taxes, but I DO agree with cutting Medicare. It is a monster spawned from the hellish bowels of entitlement. Its yearly cost will soon exceed the amount of money our country MAKES in a year, if it is not curbed.
    Global warming will be the least of your problems when you can’t afford food.

  8. @rororhythm Our government sucks, but how can we reduce the deficit by lowering taxes? If the deficit matters to us. Also don’t make me laugh. The super-rich and the corporations control both parties, and they will make sure they keep their loopholes. We will never close those loopholes with our political system.

  9. ^The idea that lower corporate & individual tax rates spur job growth is a 30-year REPUBLICAN LIE. Since the implementation of the REAGAN & BUSH TAX CUTS, America has LOST MORE jobs than at any other time in its history. Not collectng a FAIR SHARE of taxes from corporations& the wealthy has spawned a SERIOUS REVENUE PROBLEM which should be a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY. On the other hand, a WORKING MIDDLE CLASS with money to spend DOES SPUR JOB GROWTH.^ AMERICA, REJECT THE REPUBLICAN LIE!

  10. I implore everyone here to find and watch this original interview in it’s entirety. This is exactly the demagoguery that both parties seem to be using against their opponents on the other side of the aisle. The reason there is such a large push to “strong arm” this plan into law is because Medicare under Obamacare is literally insolvent. The Medicare Board of Trustees has stated that Medicare is going to fail–even Tim Geithner has admitted a new medical plan is a necessity.

  11. @tmmy773 If you would watch full interviews–CSPAN– you would learn so much more as to what the GOP plan entails, and could possibly formulate your own ideas. Demagoguery is rotting the facts of the proposal. Under GOP’s plan, the rich would be subsidized less and the poor would get more, and taxes aren’t being changed, just not increased for higher tax revenue. A new and solvent health care budget is admittedly necessary…now we just need to hear some idea’s from the other side of the aisle

  12. cenk, by your abusing ryan’s efforts to get working on the medicare problem, your solution is….?

    ryan deserves credit for getting this conversation going. the Obama solution: Tax and Borrow to keep Medicare as it now exists, is economically stupid and irresponsible. Ryan is on the side of our children & grandchildren. Cenk, why don’t you care enough to offer more than Insults?

  13. @Fringe111 its not the “country” just the government that pays all the bills that is broke. Due to borrowing trillions from other countries, mainly China, and spending crazy amounts on Defense (who uses nuclear submarines that is a threat to the US really lol?) its time to cut the real fat, the toys. Health care is about keeping your workers healthy, thus moving the economy. Education is about getting people qualified to do the high end jobs, cut those and hurt the economy.

  14. can people make this a top comment too?

    weiners seat was held by Ds for the better part of a century and now Bob Turner occupies that seat.

    that should go good wit the dumb liberal comment =P

  15. Sorry Ryan Ken-obi “These aren’t the droids your looking for” Doesn’t work unless your a true jedi

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