Ronald Reagan – Medicare Will Bring A Socialist Dictatorship

Ronald Reagan's 1961 recording for the American Medical Association's Operation Coffee Cup, which claimed the passage of pending Medicare legislation would shortly lead to a complete takeover of all medical services by government and shortly thereafter, a socialist dictatorship. History shows neither, in fact, happened. Learn more at:

Ronald Reagan – Medicare Will Bring A Socialist Dictatorship

22 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan – Medicare Will Bring A Socialist Dictatorship

    • +MiserableOldFart Conservatives don’t like to be reminded that Saint Ron cut & run from Lebanon. Also, only a fool believes he knew nothing about Iran Contra and that it was all masterminded by Ollie North & Weinberger.
      On the upside, it give Pappy Bush plenty of practice signing his name on pardons for those indicted.
      Reagan, the Great Communicator?
      The Great Prevaricator is more fitting

  1. what a fucking paranoid and corrupt loser. I’m glad his time is long past and over and I’m glad that his racist mentality and ideology will be destroyed and replaced very soon. most everything he said was a lie, using racial appeals to stoke hatred and divide us: a total disaster of a man, a completely failed human being who should not have even been in charge of taking care of a goldfish in a fish tank. he helped to solidify the Republican party as an organized hate group. with absolute joy i watch as it is currently revealed for what it is and crumbles apart. let us spit on it’s fucking ashes. his fear-mongering project of social control is losing its grip and many of us are free. his wife who followed suit and obeyed his orders is a disgrace for her complicity and active support of tyranny. let the light shine through the darkness of his miseducation and bullshit. let those who honor him, like corpses worshipping the maggots that eat them apart, snap out of their trance and join us. single-payer healthcare system for all.

  2. Socialized Medicine is a system where the MD’s are EMPLOYEES of the government. Single Payer is just replacing insurance companies who’s reasons for existence are NOT the social good. Republicans still playing the freedom fear card. What – free to die young?   Last line here “…what it once was like in America when men were free.”

  3. This is a perfect example of flamboyant ideological political spin destroying the value of just government agency to improve the health of a nation in the vaulted name of profit and exploitation.

  4. Well Now We Are In A Health Care Insurance Dictatorship… Reagan Was A Stooge Huckster In Service Of The Oligarchy With This Bullshit. Fascism Is Not Freedom. He Was A Fascist Straight Up Masquerading As A Yankee Doodle Dandy

  5. Reagan was a puppet for filthy rich conservatives. We have medicaid and medicare and NONE of the fear mongering on this record ever materialized. One thing the the billionaires in the US took fron the nazi’s ( Many of whom where huge hitler supporters. The list is shocking and also almost never spoken of. ) Is the use of propaganda. This record is a prime example.

  6. Remember the scene in the movie “Ed Wood”, where an ailing Bela Lugosi is thrown out of the hospital, because he couldn’t pay? That’s what it was like for the elderly before Medicare.

  7. if u r a american with no health-care u r are an idiot find a job that has good health care coverage its all around you! stop looking to the government for your problems only you can solve this problem you just have to take the time to look. its the freedom to have it or not.

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