Ron Paul – End Medicare, Social Security & Medicaid?

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) speaks with MSNBC host Cenk Uygur about why he voted against the Ryan budget and what programs he'd like to cut.

Ron Paul Admits He's cut Social Security & Meidcare if elected President: 04:42

Ron Paul – End Medicare, Social Security & Medicaid?

32 thoughts on “Ron Paul – End Medicare, Social Security & Medicaid?

    • MCJ62 I think Cenk knows that, along with Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul is part of the political revolution as well. That’s why Cenk is listening more than interrupting. Remember, Cenk was once a Republican. He’s a Democrat now, but he still has an open mind for listening and learning about policies that libertarians put forth. This is one example of that.

    • +g quinn RP retired after 12 terms as a Congressman. So yeah, he lives off the government just as much as you, except he did more to educate people on government spending than you ever have… How much of your government pay did you give back to the Treasury of the U.S. Why don’t you research how much he gave back from his paycheck. You’re a genius, but google might help you. Google: Ron Paul returns over $140,000 from his office budget to the Treasury. And that was just in 2011.

  1. When Germany lost the war you had to pay a million in German currency for a damn loaf of bread Keynesian economics only works for so long when we do have sound money you can save Things become a hell of lot cheaper more businesses are around when we get the factories back and start manufacturing our own Goods instead of being dependent upon China when the middle class is able to start their own businesses and we have found money these gigantic corporations that seem to take from the taxpayer through lobbying stop the erosion of our liberties stops as well more people have economic freedom because of sound currency and when more people have economic freedom because of sound currency they can all compete against each other in billions of sectors of the economy instead of having it conglomerated and to one to four sectors that can compete competition is what will bring down prices competition in healthcare competition in any sector of the economy brings down prices so people can afford them the more customers that you have the Better Business you will do when you are being subsidized by the government with special privileges that you don’t have to follow the same rules as somebody else you have corporatism and not competition capitalism when you have our money being printed to no end in sight you have the full destruction of the dollar which is about to happen we’ve been getting away with too much but it is the difference between having trillionaires and charge air or having a stronger middle class that would truly be in charge and when the bulk majority of the people are in charge because they actually have the gold and the silver instead of being Reliant on a Federal Reserve that can print at will and produce modern day slavery because we’re dependent upon the Federal Reserve Note so they can print the money and tell you to do whatever they want instead of having a currency that only seems to increase in value over time and then having to what you want the politician is who I am talking about the people who are benefiting from the politicians and the people who are just printing the money so that they can get away with whatever the hell they want instead of that happening we have rules that would keep them in check and us free

    • Caleb Davidhizar What are you talking about? It ain’t embarrassing at all. If they deleted it and censored Ron Paul, that would be embarrassing. They listen to libertarian viewpoints as well, just like Democracy Now! does.

  2. Dr. Paul tries to say that you have to choose between Military and Public Spending. He would take care of Americans first before spending money on taking care of other countries’ citizens!

  3. It’s 2017 now. Ron Paul’s predictions since 2011 have been wrong:
    1. Hyperinflation
    2. US dollar collapse
    3. National bankruptcy

    • because we are running on the same policy of printing money. now we are 20 trillion in debt. In 4 years we will be close to 28 trillion in debt. And in 8 years 36 trillion in debt. Which means by the time i am 50 years old…at the current rate we are on….we will be 50 trillion in debt. If I live to 75 years old we will be 100 trillion dollars in debt. If things stay they same…but at current rates deficit is rising. Maybe that puts things into perspective for you. BTW…if we are 100 trillion dollars in debt we will have a mass countrywide riot LOL.

    • One of the main reasons the national debt is so high is due to the Great Recession. When there is a big recession or depression, the gov’t gets much less tax revenues, causing the debt to balloon to this day. But the US econ has been stable for about 8 years now. That’s why the debt isn’t growing out of control like during the recession.

    • It appears you understand why the debt keeps going up. Again, one of the reason is that the gov’t collects much less in taxes when the econ is in a big recession; there are less workers paying taxes. Another another is the cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The war in Iraq, which was voted by the Republicans, is going to cost $2 trillion. The third reason is the tax cuts. When you cut taxes, it forces the federal gov’t to borrow. So don’t be clueless.

  4. Is this idiot going to give the American people back all the money that they, not politicians, have put into social security, under govt regulations? I bet not!

  5. Their chart on that was hilariously misleading. Go ahead and take a second look at what apparently 67% looks like on a bar chart.

  6. Public debt is not an issue when a country has a sovereign currency. Public debt is private savings. The only president to balance the budget–Andrew Jackson–caused a great depression.

    The problem is where we spend our resources.

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