Robert Reich – Instead of Cutting Medicare… – 07-31-2015

It's Medicare's 50th anniversary today. Here's how it can continue to make health care more affordable for all … in under three minutes. (via

Robert Reich – Instead of Cutting Medicare… – 07-31-2015

4 thoughts on “Robert Reich – Instead of Cutting Medicare… – 07-31-2015

  1. Medicare is not good for patients or doctors. I encounter their ruthless behavior on a daily basis. Their goal is obvious, financial gain. Each year they find ways to cover less patient expenses and reimburse doctors less. It is an unjust system. On the other hand, private insurance aka Obamacare, is what is being unconstitutionally pushed down our throats, which is also not the solution because the bottom line does not change. The solution is not a single payer system either. If any questions ask Canadians who have to wait months to get an MRI or CT scan and opt for coming to the US for these diagnostic tests or life saving procedures. I believe the best solution is the one formulated by Dr. Paul, a health savings account. It teaches financial responsibility at a young age and may even lead to lifestyle changes. It may make you think twice about smoking or excessive drinking. We also need more protection to health care practitioners from frivolous law suits, which I believe it is the main reason for unnecessary testing and diagnostic procedures.
    So, to summarize, a health savings account can teach constituents personal responsibility, make the individual accountable for their own expenses and actions. We also need need laws to protect physicians and improve working conditions. Remove administrators that know nothing of medicine from top executive positions and have doctor run hospitals. Give the power back to those who have sacrificed to help others instead of those who view health care as a business and have only one goal in mind, gains.

  2. 2 questions to destroy this
    1.- Who is gonna pay for it? And dont come and say “Thos multi billionare greedy people”
    2.- Will it be willingly, or not?

    And, extra bonus..
    Side effects? According to this, nope…When the government takes hand, there are no side effects; but yer there is not single case in which that happens

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