Republicans ADMIT They’re Coming For Your Social Security And Medicare

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This is a heist, and corporate Democrats will drive the getaway car. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss.

"Slowly but surely, Republicans that supported the trillion dollar Trump tax bill are revealing their true motivations: slashing Medicare and Social Security.
During a Sunday interview with CNBC’s John Harwood, Rep. Steve Stivers (R-OH) urged entitlement reform as the deficit continues to balloon as a result of the GOP tax cuts.
“I do think we need to deal with some of our spending,” Stivers said. “We’ve got try to figure out how to spend less.”
Stivers, who also serves as chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), is a self-proclaimed “budget hawk” and frequently criticized national debt levels under the Obama administration. Despite his previous trepidation at increasing the deficit, he voted in favor of a costly tax bill that even the White House admitted would not pay for itself over time.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Republicans ADMIT They're Coming For Your Social Security And Medicare

82 thoughts on “Republicans ADMIT They’re Coming For Your Social Security And Medicare

  1. Did I get that right? Are they going to help George in his walker “retrain”? As it is I’m 66 on SS and I also work and also help my community by volunteering? Let’s have less Military Spending to help people.

    • Sally Jackson The terrorists only attack the US and other countries in retaliation for what they do in their countries, even politicians have apologised for interfearing in the Iran Iraq war as thats when the terror Islamic attacks started. Also if Trump cared about terror attacks why is Saudi Arabia not on his muslim ban? All the terrorists from 9/11 were Saudis from Saudi Arabia, don’t even say it’s for oil to justify it. Saudi Arabia is the biggest funders to ISIS. That was proved when they investigated ISIS weapons that had US serial numbers on them that were given to Sudi Arabia from the US.

    • +David Lafleche
      illegal immigrants cant get SS, omg. The ignorance.

      Edit: need to be a US resident and have to give them your whole life story, so how do “illegal Aliens” get it? I want to know, cause its purely BS.

  2. Why do trumptards love cucking for the rich and powerful? Not only do they want to give away our social security, they also probably want to give their wives away as well

    • That is what the effing Koch brothers want and Ryan and the GOP are greedy MOTHEREFFERS on the take. VOTE THESE BADTARDS OUT OF OFFICE!!!

    • Owen Menard.. The Tax cuts have not and will not be significant for the majority of tax payers. Yes, I’d prefer higher taxes if that meant my healthcare costs go down or non existent. You think $10 more in your Paycheck is going to cover the DEREGULATED costs of Healthcare? Really? So if you got $40 more in your monthly pay, but have to pay $500 more in your Monthly Heathcare.. you think that is great? Fool.

    • Cuckpiro Because republican men want to be just like Donnie. Multiple wives,whores and more and more money. Hands that smell like (kitty).

  3. “Yeah, but Trump pissed off the Libtards. That makes losing my Social Security and Medicare totally worth it.” -Average Trump Supporter

    • Avocado:

      “I never thought leopards would eat MY face!!!” People who voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.

    • You people who say you can do without your social security, just to spite Libs. Are ridiculous! You paid into it; it’s your money! You want to hand it back to the Republicans? Social Security is NOT an entitlement. Are you happy with Reblicans giving the already wealthy a tax cut they didn’t need and taking it away from your soc. Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to pay for the 1.9 trillion deficit caused by these tax cuts?

    • Adam Pauley. so you don’t have a problem with taking money from the poor, the working class, the middle class to give it to the wealthy, but you are fine with letting the working class and poor starve? really?

  4. democrats aren’t being weak they’re being complicit.

    folk contact your elected representatives and let them know this is absolutely unacceptable!

  5. Do these idiots know how hard it is to qualify for social security disability? If you qualify for disability there aren’t many jobs you’re going to be able to do. These guys are unreal.

  6. Yep, work ’til your very last breath to pad the coffers of the swampers shipping it off-shore. Next step for this fascist administration — the repealing of child labour laws. Those coal mine’s bottom lines would really soar.

  7. Bernie Sanders said as much when they were putting the tax cuts together and he kept saying “can you promise this won’t lead to cuts to social security?” The republicans coyly evaded the question and of course now they’re coming back to finish what they intended. George Carlin called this too.

    • Daniel Pupo The Democrats did, back when they were Democrats and FDR had to fight the Establishment back then as well. The Establishment, Corporate Democrats today are Republicans who are okay with gays. If they weren’t, they’d support Medicare for All They will cave on Social Security. Obama already showed us this when he tried to cut it. Obama called himself a Moderate Republican when it came to economics and government programs. HE said that. The Republicans are just SO bad, that no one pays attention to the fact that the Corp Dems are bad as well. Big Pharma, the insurance industry, and big oil give money to BOTH parties and the politicians who take that money are beholden to them, not to the people. How about you look at history?? Look at what the Dems have done since Bill Clinton. WAKE UP!

    • Not yet. When the corporations ( trough media&government) convinces a significant minority that the reason they are poor and desperate is because of foreigners with trade imbalances and exploitation. Mexico, China, whatever. That’s where fascism & nazism and it’s jackbooted thugs come from and given the size of the US military i do not believe we have seen anything like the worst yet.

  8. What complete trash. People who voted for Trump need to be executed as they are traitors and traitors were traditionally executed. This meant Trump.

    • All of you ought to be ashamed that your first reaction is to begin inciting violence. Do I support Trump’s presidency? Regarding the vast majority of its policies, no. However, violence won’t get anybody anywhere, even if you disagree with them, because it both 1.) deplatforms your political stance from the realm of respectable discourse and 2.) Sets the tone for the Trump administration to point out and say “hey, look at all these people being violent. We didn’t start this, so that means they’re just a bunch of crazy people.” Do you really want those two just for some petty and arguably baseless assertion that certain voters are traitors? I hope not.

    • RadioLaPrincess that’s what I’ve been saying for over a year. You’re late to the party. Let’s make it happen. BRING BACK THE GUILLOTINE!!!!!

    • Trump is a con man that tricked the racist lowly and seduced them with bull$h!+, he’s only concerned with the rich and uses the poor racist gun worshippers to try and keep the masses at bey, the racist ignorant will wake up and join the masses once they realize that Trump is a fraudulent fake President…Wake up and expand your information intake..


    • Since when is Social security and Medicare a “gift” I PAID FOR IT!! If they want to stop it, Give me my money back with interest. I’ve been working for 45 years. And my husband and our kids want theirs back and so will everyone else but you apparently cause you like being robbed!

  10. I’m barely surviving. If they cut it, I won’t be able to pay rent, and I’ll be homeless. With my disabilities, homelessness will kill me. I only have enough money to eat every other day. They’re killing me.

    • I just prayed for you. It really is despicable and unfortunately there are millions like you in dire straits…I’m praying for you that the people will wake the hell up and change this corrupt system

    • There are many people who are in similar situations who have low income, medical problems, and work 2 or more jobs to survive. Republicans for years have been talking about cutting what they call “entitlements” (soc. Security, Medicare, Medicaid). These are NOT entitlements. We, as taxpayers, pay for them. VOTE these people out!

  11. Social Security. Does Not. (Actually CANNOT). Add. To. Any. Deficit.

    The money for it DOES NOT EVER enter the general fund. It isn’t part of Congress’ budget. The money goes straight from your check into the account of the Social Security Administration.

    It literally CANNOT ever affect a deficit. EVER.

    Not one DIME comes from the General Fund to Social Security.

    Same for Medicare, except that because of laws they have passed that dont allow Medicare to negotiate prices and massively inflated healthcare costs, Medicare doesn’t bring in enough money to pay for all care, so some money DOES come from the General Fund to make up the shortfall. Which wouldn’t be necessary at all if they would just allow Medicare to negotiate prices.

    Cutting these two programs WILL NOT ADD A SINGLE DIME to the General Fund. Because if you eliminate those programs, the taxes that fund them will not just magically go to the General Fund.. .
    Theyll just GO AWAY.

    • It DID in 2003 as a $2T loan to the General Fund (part of it was to pay for tax cuts, the other to fund the Iraq war)…a loan NOBODY mentions…a loan for which Congress write an I.O.U.

  12. Why are we the people even here? There is literally no benefits to being a citizen here. The donors pay the politicians and the politicians manipulate the laws to pay the donors. We get lied to, robbed, and killed.

    And yes I’m saving up to relocate to a country with universal healthcare and where police don’t kill people constantly.

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