Rep. Lewis On Medicare For All

Rep. Lewis On Medicare For All

17 thoughts on “Rep. Lewis On Medicare For All

  1. Medicare for all means it’s an option for all not that it would be forced onto everyone. You are lying about this and proves to me you didn’t even read the proposal. Medicare is an option only for seniors currently and it is not forced on them either, and guess what? It’s the most popular form of health insurance in the country. You also called my mom an idiot on your radio show for wanting to put a vegetable garden in her front yard. My dad was a fan before this (that’s how we heard it) so I called you out on it on your show the next day and you stuck by your words. Maybe stop lying and start doing what we the people want you to do not what you’ve been paid to do by lobbyists. And maybe don’t call your constituents idiots for having a hobby.

    • Well you must not have read it too carefully then, because that’s not exactly what it says, but thanks for posting the text of the whole entire bill

      The only thing I see similar to what you or he said was that it prohibits sale of duplicate coverage:

      “unlawful for a private health insurer to sell health insurance coverage that duplicates the benefits provided under this Act”

      So yeah it’s just cutting out duplicate care. Don’t know why you’d want to pay for the same thing twice. You can still get coverage in addition to this as long as it’s not already covered. Why do you want your insurance to be tied to employment anyways?

  2. ya that is probably right. only works in a perfect world, everyone on it has to work or build enough history to have the coverage. I think we could get rid of premiums if insurance companies insist on deductibles that are crazy. once deductible is met. then insurance companies could start premium. this satisfies gov. requirement and allows people to pick how much they pay each year with the use of their hsa. The people that want to have high deductibles can without paying high premiums also.

  3. You sir are a complete liar!
    The insurance companies must be nervous that this will be a reality. I think you read the script wrong and I am not surprised either, see it’s just the opposite of what ya said!

  4. Rep Lewis is bought and paid for by the Insurance lobbyists and big pharma. He is aware that the lies he is speaking will bring about death to those children and seniors who will have no insurance unless big changes, like Medicare for All, are enacted. Rep. Lewis doesn’t care. His plan is to continue raking in the lobbyist’s money and to continue sitting there smiling and lying to you for as long as you allow it

  5. We are already $20 trillion in debt; Medicare for all would bankrupt the US. Yes, the rest of the world does have socialized healthcare, but do we really want to be like the rest of the world?! The US is greatest country on earth because WE don’t follow the rest of the world – we lead the rest of the World. Our healthcare system, while not perfect, is 2nd to none. Canada has socialized healthcare – which leads to healthcare rationing. If you need an MRI in the US, you can get one tomorrow. In Canada, you might get one in 6-8 weeks. Socialized healthcare, like any socialism program, works great until you run out of other people’s money!

  6. I see Angie’s team is here adding confusing replies. Gregg has a good reply. My brother in law is from Canada and he can tell you horror stories about that system and rationing. I know you detractors will say, “but we’ll do it differently and it will work”. That’s what they always say about Socialism too and yet it never works either.

    • I’m probably voting for Angie but I was supporting her primary challenger, so I’m definitely not here for her team. Also I don’t think she’s ever came out in favor of the bill. I hope she will but I think she’s got a few donors (less than Jason) that wouldn’t like her to support it.

      Horror stories huh???? care to elaborate (dont need exact specific details but people make claims like this all the time without backing them up and I’m done just letting people get away with “believe me”).

      I have heard plenty of horror stories here in the US with people not being able to afford coverage or going bankrupt from paying for care. I got hundreds of links if you want them. Have not heard the same for Canada except for the occasional unsubstantiated claim like you just made.

  7. He is spot on right….Anything the government takes over turns to crap like the Postal Service
    Medicare or Social Security. All Bankrupt money pits….

    • What’s wrong with the postal service? They seem to do a pretty good job considering the huge amount of land they have to cover. Medicare and social security seem to be pretty popular as well we just have a lot of old people right now…

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