Rachel medicare

Rachel medicare

7 thoughts on “Rachel medicare

  1. you are a teacher and an activist every day of your life. this is so you. FIGHTING and giving to all every day.

  2. This is a spectacular piece of teaching and advocacy, Rachel. No wonder this is going viral! Kol hakavod lach. with love, amy

  3. Thank you, Rachel, for being quintessentially Rachel. As always, you are using your voice and your experience to help repair the world. Much gratitude for this candid, compelling message. May it be heard far and wide.
    Love, Letty (and Bert)

  4. Rachel, you are quite simply amazing…….brave articulate and an advocate for all who are
    enduring and surviving treatment with such courage. Thank you for being an
    such an elegant spokeswoman for us all and for always making a difference. sending much love Diana Smith

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