Proof you should not overpay for your Medicare Supplement Plan

Even though Medicare Supplement Plans offer the same coverage, meaning that Medicare Supplement Plans are "Standardized" by Medicare, insurance companies offering Medicare Supplement Plans can charge different monthly premiums.

In this video, Robert Bache aka, MedicareBob uses Medicare's own publication to prove this to seniors that are shopping for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

"I just do not want people to overpay when they do not have too. There is no reason to overpay for Medicare Supplement Insurance when the benefits are exactly the same." -Robert Bache "MedicareBob

It is our natural instinct that if we pay more we are getting more, this is not the case with Medicare Supplement Insurance. The letter of the Plan dictates the coverage, not the insurance company.

Please note, the terms Medicare Supplement Plan and Medigap Plan are interchangeable.

Robert Bache, "MedicareBob

Note: All Medicare Supplement Plans are the same.

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