President Trump’s Message on Medicare

President Trump's Message on Medicare

50 thoughts on “President Trump’s Message on Medicare

    • In 1861, Salmon Portland Chase, Secretary of the Treasury, wrote “No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense. The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins.”
      December 9, 1863, Secretary Chase stated: I approve your mottoes, only suggesting that on that with the Washington obverse the motto should begin with the word OUR, so as to read OUR GOD AND OUR COUNTRY. And on that with the shield, it should be changed so as to read: IN GOD WE TRUST.

  1. I just got Medicare, after working 37 years! Give it free to illegals? Like everybody with a thinking mind, HELL NO!! That’s mine!

    • Joy Cheek “no hospital turns away patients”? WRONG.
      Just google your own words: “no hospital turns away patients”

    • +BonnieBlue2A yes the problsm ma’am is that half the country cant learn anything because woman and men are equally making half the money. Instead of the woman caring for the children now they have to behave like men. So as a result the G.I.C. schools teach them. This means government indoctrination camps so instead of parents children have no parents. This will lead the government to want to throw the individuals all in furnaces actually. Because the lower class inferior people will have the more superior caretaker masters. Its already happening just go see how the blue isis heros speak with low education individuals in the ghettos and low income neihborhoods. The blue isis heros act more like thugs criminalizing all of the low education low income people in orwelian 2018. Ever since we let our government sell narcotics and weapons in afganistan yet perhaps many years prior to this the terrorism has been happening. George Bush is one of the biggest ones yet obama heusainne was the enemy working within Bill Clinton was just a terrorist by default he behaved like many of histories rulers. His wife is a major terrorist. They are mostly all terrorists the government workers most of them.

    • +RoedBahvin Bernie has not read the Torah because it supports free market economy not free things. Thus he cannot be a Hebrew in my opinion. How can one be a proponent of the bible and not support a free economic principle. That means free trade in principal with less government controls. It does not mean freely take things you have not earned and some how force people by way of government to give these things. In life the strong survive to a point then they die this is the facts. You have no right to free healthcare period. If it is life or death perhaps yet its all life or death. We only live about 70ish years.

      Listen Happiness is not things i know its hard to understand happiness is more so earning things the free things dont bring much happiness at all yet happiness is free for all individuals who persue it.

    • +Amber Portland Thats not true. I work in a doctors office and I see lots of foreigner with medicare cards. I have ask they just got here their husband never worked here nor did they. I was told you had to work so many quarters to be eligible. It’s time we think about our own people American children American Grandmas and Grandpa’s

  2. Medicare for all is total lunacy! American citizen seniors who receive Medicare WORKED HARD in order to build up their accounts to receive it. It is NOT an entitlement, nor should it be! It is not a welfare program! No, no, no on Medicare for all!

    • @Eric W, we can also shift some of our priorities too, like perhaps not give the pentagon such a large budget and put some towards the health of the nation, not bullshit foreign policy for bankers and the military suppliers.

    • +Abston N actually with Canada’s small population, ( roughly the same as california) 50 k is Very significant. And since you have no data about their income levels , you can’t say that it’s only 1 economic subset. I’m sorry but I can’t buy into your arguement. While I am not into Canadian bashing, and have great respect for you and your countrymen. I find myself asking, if you are indeed, as you claim to be, a Canadian, what the crap do you care, and why are you even commenting on an American website to begin with. ? Please but out.

    • Evil we must to pray our values are in danger if they getting in… Time to pray for our President and for the midterms elections.

    • Oh boy, you got that right! Can you even believe just how many socialists, communist, NWO fools are in Washington?
      Total insanity and evil.

      They mistake our silence and they can’t even fathom our resolve to defend our Republic.

  3. they won’t get elected if we fix our voting system. apparently, we can’t close the door but we can sure as hell keep them from voting. i believe we have a case for sedition if these democrat bastards push for illegal voting.

    • Well we must start to pray for our midterm elections the battle is againts evil liberals and they are ready to to dirty elections so we all need to pray and go to vote this is importand time for our Country

    • People in third world Nations have a more secured voting process than we do. Sad and pathetic. We Are Better Than This. Somehow we have no recourse for politicians that do not obey the voters wishes. Need to make the politicians accountable to the public elected office they were voted into by their constituents.

  4. Thank You Mr. President! We’re right behind you sir. I can’t remember when our medical care, and health insurance has been so bad. My mother in law is an RN, she is having major health problems right now, and for the last 3 weeks she has not been able to get into the doctor to see what is wrong, because of the insurance that she has paid into for 30+ years wont authorize her to be seen. You would think that an RN working at a hospital would have Cadillac insurance, but she is being treated as if she is a third world citizen. In fact, in some cities, these illegal aliens are getting better care than she is. It is heartbreaking to see, a woman who has given so much of her life to help others, now getting kicked around when she may have cancer, on top of the serious woman problems she is having. Never before in my short time on this earth have I seen something so bad being done, to such a good person. I know you will fix the problems with our health care system. I just hope it can be done sooner, rather than later.
    Godspeed Mr. President!

    • +Rick Martin as compared to Obama’s 8.855 trillion dollar spending that totaled more than all other presidents combined. It’s a drop in the bucket.

    • I feel for you. I work in a hospital and get cheapie “HMO”. My company can “officially” claim to have insurance but a “regular” medical insurance for just me is over $800 per month! Now after working all these years I just stopped going to the Doctor at all. I’m so regretful of being involved the medical system. They are all mobsters! Take your mom to Costa Rica. Thats where we now go. God Bless.

    • Trump said he was going to make healthcare in the US better and so so great. He said it was going to be the best in the world and everyone would be covered. And idiots like you believed him while he gave huge permanent tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and corporations and a temporary trifle tax cut to the working stiffs. Trump is if and for the elite wealthy. Not for you. Grow a brain dummy.

    • Trump is a bullsh*t artist and you’re all suckers. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the top Senate Republican blamed social programs for the growing deficit and said he hoped Congress would tackle spending on them “at some point here.” Republicans are going cut Medicare and Social Security. The GOP is plotting to cut critical safety net programs to close a budget deficit of their own making. Republicans ballooned the deficit by passing a $1.5 trillion tax cut that mostly benefited corporations and the wealthy, and will now try to repair the damage by slashing entitlement programs. How the fuk is that maga?

  5. How did Chuck Schumer get reelected in 2016? Is the New York State voting process rigged? Andrew Cuomo was reelected after everybody was pissed about the Safe Act he passed in the state of New York. How did that happen? What is going on with New York State elections?

  6. That’s all they know . Lie resist, and smear. Thank you for doing so much for us. We will do our job on November 6. MAGA WWG1WGA

    • WWG1WGA #MAGA much love Patriot. Will be seeing all at the polls. I am working mine this yr. No one will get passed me. You need picture ID driver or state also I look your name up in the registry if your name is there you sign it an I check to see if it matches with ID. If not your out, no ID your out. That is how we rock an roll here. All districts are the same. This 5DChess is for keeps.

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