President Trump signs executive order on Medicare

President Trump makes remarks on Medicare and signs an Executive Order titled 'Improving Medicare for our Nation's Seniors' at The Villages, FL.

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President Trump signs executive order on Medicare

47 thoughts on “President Trump signs executive order on Medicare

  1. I get sick and tired of the biases from a couple of fox you shepherd Smith, and you all know the rest..and so do we Patriots..I’m glad to see the end of the Democrats geto,

    • @Ron H I imagine when we start to see our fellow “liberals” make better choices in their political leanings, we might feel more predisposed to calling them “fellow patriots”. Also, calling those whom you wish to see you in high esteem, “gullible & stupid” is no way to bring them into your “us (patriots) vs them (elites) dream. Not all “elites” are bad people, & not all non-elites are good people, as most of us know.

    • @MsJudi54 whether some elites are good or bad, isn’t the issue. The issue is that there is more inequality right now than ever before in America. That’s a fact. I say that as someone who is quite well off, due to good choices as well as good fortune. However, I also know that extreme inequality isn’t sustainable. The class with the money and power, the so called elite or whatever you want to call them, will not give up their advantage easily. Hence, keep the little people at each others’ throats. My “gullible and stupid” comment is toward left, right and center, or all of us in other words, who allow propaganda to be so effective.

  2. Because the drug companies have for years taken advantage of Americans for the last 50 years. Why? Why do doctors after taking what Inc. gives they send a bill for 50, 100 and more dollors

    • Dear Patriot…… it’s actually the insurance company that a patient signs up with, that determines what the doctor can charge.

    • When Obamacare came about… the cost ON AVERAGE for an American doctor to run a practice was $146,000++->-> that’s NO $ going home, no retirement, etc.

    • take an 8 hour period…..many Doctors have to spend 3-4 hrs. In the hospital… treating/ visiting patients….. figure 4-5 patient visits in the office setting per hour=16-20 visits per day X 5 days…….. how does that # relate to $147,000. Cost per year…STUDENT LOANS OF 1/2 a million !

    • No person diagnosed with cancer should go bankrupt due to medical bills.
      And yet that is the system Trump wishes to perpetuate.

    • Thank You Mary My Patriot sister….I am so Proud of the younger Generation,,,Standing up for this country..and A True,,We The People Patriotic President,, The last one..I saw..and lived !! as A young Adult was JFK..A Great Man That said Publicly ” There is a evil in this country,!!,And I intends To Expose them and bring them to Justice… ( He was talking about the FED..And What is known today as the NWO,,Elitists,,The Globalists..That have been Taking us down!)

      The Only Mistake he made was Not being aware..OF How Powerful..they were.
      I later served my country during wartime USMC out in 73;…I Lived the American Dream!! And since then…watched this country…spiral down…To Americans…Being ONE click from becoming working Slaves…It saddens me so..I speak to some young Americans,,,They not only seem so brainwashed…The stupid bastards,,think the American Dream..Was some sort of Fairy tale..

      I Just cannot believe these Low I Q..morons..I could Cry…a sixth grader..from my time anyway…Their average Intelligence…Makes Our treasonous infiltrated Criminals in our Gov…The Dems / Rhino’s LOOK LIKE RAVING MORONS !!

      Thank YOU God the Father…For Sending us MR.Trump!! Please watch over him..His Family…AND People All Around Him..That Support..and Protect..100%

    • @Vincent Von Dudler You are a fool. I am a cancer patient and can tell you that Obama care destroyed our savings. Free stuff in exchange for Freedom. No thanks Dems.

    • @Cheryl Jensen I’m not advocating for the ACA. I’m advocating for Medicare-for-All. The only good the ACA ever did was forced a baseline level of coverage by the insurance companies and removed much of the incentive for them to deny coverage. I never supported the Individual Mandate, unfortunately though the system doesn’t work without it. If you will recall the history of the ACA, it’s actually a Republican plan. Obama wanted a public option but was denied by corporatists in Congress. It still didn’t go far enough. Sorry about your savings, Cheryl. Under M4A that never would have happened. :[

  3. You got to Love this President. There has never been one like Donald John Trump. God Bless America and Our President and God Bless all Patriots that Love Our Republic. MAGA KAG2020

    • not even a rally yet indistinguishable from one, because this dumbfucker doesnt have any other sides to his character, its hyperbole and lies set up with a false persona of success from a spoiled rotten trust fund baby who has failed in the world he was all but handed by his hard working corrupt parents! a shame if ever there was one.

    • @Michael Brogan – why are you watching this video, because this “dumbfucker” is talking to people 65 and over ( a large group of people who vote mostly for him )

  4. thank God I was born before the entitlement generation, unfortunately my 2 daughters are in the middle of it, hope they see the truth

    • there is hope …. my son was 25 in 2016 and he and I both got goose bumps watching the election returns,
      when Trump put it away … a new feeling in the land … he is still a millenial , but does have a great work
      ethic … none of his friends , in high school , were “entitled” and worked hard and elected service and
      college … g

  5. let us see what this man can really do, clean the house, vote against socialist / communist democrats, clean the rinos out of the republican party – vote the patriot party – 2020 is your chance

  6. May Almighty God annoint My President with His Holy Spirit and hold him near. Nothing in the world can oppose us without exposure.

    • Lol yea because of anti regultion Republicans. For the past 40 years only democrats have pointed fingers at privatized medicine. Because the majority of republican reps are funded by them.

    • Central Time Gamers, what marijuana are you smoking, you better not play too much games and listen to the left wing media lie to you dude.

    • @Central Time Gamers Both republican and democrat citizens have wanted a national health care delivery system paid for by all citizens who would benefit from having every citizen healthy. This is common ground, thanks, and is it not mandated by the constitution with the general welfare clause? Education is another common ground we can all stand on happy that every citizen is educated quite irregardless of their economic status.

  7. Democrat Leaders = “Hey! Let’s impeach Trump so we can have a trial in the Senate and he can declassify all those documents that show we are guilty of treason. Whaddayasay?”
    Democrat Voters = “Sounds great! Baaa…..”

  8. I can’t imagine a stronger person to be our President in a time when we needed him desperately. There is no doubt God sent President Trump to save us from an almost totally corrupt condition of our government.

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