Premiums ARE NOT Equal in Medicare Supplement Plans!

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If you have a Medicare supplement plan – the odds are extremely high that you can lower your monthly premiums significantly and still keep your same plan – the same exact benefits you have right now!

Why do I say that? On page 100 of the 2016 Medicare and You Guidebook, provided to you each year by the federal government. It tells us that all Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance) plans are the same. The benefits must be identical, as they are strictly enforced by the federal government.

What’s different?

The price, or commissions a company wishes to embed within the price, is the only difference between a Plan F from Company A or Plan F from Company B. The benefits are all the same.

Today – all companies utilize electronic claims payment. They absolutely MUST pay the bill on Medicare-approved claims.

While it is important to shop with top rated carriers for strength – it is equally important that you do not fall in love with a brand name with Medicare Supplement insurance plan.

Why? Because a policy with one company does not pay any more benefits than the policy with the lesser known company brand. They all function exactly the same.

Retirees often tell us, “Well, I’m happy with the company I have had for 5+ years because they pay all of the bills.”

Absolutely, we know you like the company. It’s a great plan. All of these companies are good companies. They wouldn’t be approved by Medicare if they weren’t!

Guess What? They have to pay all of your Medicare claims! That is the legal requirement of each and every participating company that offers Medicare Supplement insurance.

You will not find one thing different between the bills that were paid with the more expensive companies than the bills paid by the less expensive companies.

What you can do is pay for glitzy television commercials – blimps that fly over stadiums – or salaried insurance agents – all in order to get that brand name – but the cost is reflected in your monthly premiums and the rate increases you experience each year.

The best possible solution is to have an independent insurance brokerage service provide you with ALL of the available options in your specific zip code.

When you contact First Medicare Advisors – we can show you right on your computer monitor all of the companies offering YOUR exact same plan – same benefits – same doctors – same hospitals – side by side.

Our free shopping service typically saves $600 per year for one person or $1,200 per year for a married couple – simply by having us shop the rate on the best value in the marketplace.

What changes? Only the logo on your insurance ID card. Your service will not go down – your bills will still get paid – and yes – YOUR doctor will still accept the insurance – as it is all filed electronically through Medicare.

When you get your next Medicare Supplement rate increase – call us and let us work for you. There’s four things we can do for you:
1. We will shop the market place independently FOR You
2. We do not work for any insurance company – we work strictly for you.
3. We can secure the exact same benefits for you at a much better price.
4. Last but not least – we can find the best priced plan for you in the market with the top rated insurance companies.

Let us work for you!

1. Call us at 1-800-825-2919
2. You can e-mail us at [email protected]
3. Or go to our web site:

Contact us today so that we can shop the market for you. Best of all – our service is at NO COST to you.

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