Pramila Jayapal to Push a House Vote on ‘Medicare For All’ in 2019

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Pramila Jayapal to Push a House Vote on 'Medicare For All' in 2019

44 thoughts on “Pramila Jayapal to Push a House Vote on ‘Medicare For All’ in 2019

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  2. Good! I want Bernie to leave this world knowing the change is incoming. He deserves that much for being a politician with integrity and serving the people in his many years of public service.

    • The vulgar rich can’t seem to get full enjoyment from their wealth unless they’re able to sadistically lord it over the salt-of-the-earth folks they deem beneath them.
      Well, their days of passive/aggressive herd-thinning are coming to an end whether they like it or not.

    • I’ve changed my mind…i.had to do the math on my phone and it shouldn’t be a big deal to get Medicare for all since we can tax the employers to break even with the healthcare cash they give to employees health insurance

    • AhhCmon what you may not know, the private sector healthcare costs will cost over 32 trillion, so there is more than enough money

    • @AhhCmon Medicare for all is factually cheaper than our current system, it is you that has no integrity by spreading lies and propaganda to deny the U.S something that all other developed nations already have.

  3. My representative, Joe Kennedy, has almost no reason to move on this because he is in a VERY blue district and didn’t even get a serious primary in 2018, despite his primary opponent being VERY progressive

    • Ryan McA’Nulty Give him a call and give him a reason (morally correct, economically responsible, you won’t vote for him ever again if he doesn’t.) Have all your friends, family, and acquaintances do the same.

    • Tell him we don’t want the sword of Damocles health care bills hanging over our head on the day we find ourselves seriously ill. It will happen to most of us eventually.

  4. This is perhaps the most important political moment of the last 30 years in your country, the moment when you push these peopleto the wall : are you against a project supported by 75% of the entire population of this country ???

  5. A Kennedy…..and look, not for medicare for all. Rich people who believe they are born to rule over us peasants…..they need to be done with

  6. Medicare For All is the democratic keystone issue of the next congress. It is up to the 90 member house progressive caucus to push for a vote on MFA. Rep Jayapal is a high ranking member of the progressive caucus so she should be able to muster enough support to bring this HR 676 for a floor vote. It is yet to be seen if Rep Jayapal or any of the other house progressives have the will to play the hardball necessary to get the MFA ball rolling. Mike has often stated that MFA is his litmus test for any democrat. At least after a MFA vote, win or lose, the facade will be removed from the democrats who only pretend to support MFA and those who really do.

    • @William Calhoon – Your statement would be true if the Progressive Caucus actually had any power among House Dems, especially among the leadership. Pelosi has been very successful at keeping members of the Progressive Caucus from getting positions on key committees. The New Democrat Caucus (Wall Street supporting, corporatist conservative Dems) has fewer than 70 members, but has disproportionate power with Dem leaders because they raise far more money in terms of corporate political donations.

      It will be interesting to see whether Pelosi comes through with significant appointments of Progressive Caucus members to key committees, a promise she made in order to get the Progressive Caucus endorsement for her election as Speaker.

  7. This is great news. We need the Democrats to pass issues like this in the house so in 2020 they can campaign on the fact that the Republicans dont want you to have healthcare.

  8. At this point politicians are essentially fighting for American people to keep a shitty, expensive system that is killing and bankrupting people in it’s wake so that they can keep getting donor money. So they’re selling American lives and financial wellbeings to the highest bidder. Kinda shows you what they think of us.

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