Potential First Native American In Congress Loves Medicare For All

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In this Majority Report clip, Sam interviews Democratic candidate Deb Haaland.

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"New Mexico is poised to elect the first Native American woman to serve in Congress.

Deb Haaland, a member of the Pueblo of Laguna, won the Democratic nomination for New Mexico’s First Congressional District. The district is considered solidly Democratic, paving the way for Haaland to take the congressional seat vacated by Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, who is running for governor.

Haaland, who is the former chair of the state’s Democratic Party, beat out her opponents, former US Attorney Damon Martinez and former law professor Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, with 40 percent of the primary votes.

Tuesday evening, Haaland described her victory as a win for women, the working class, and “everyone who has been sidelined by the billionaire class.”"*

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Potential First Native American In Congress Loves Medicare For All


47 thoughts on “Potential First Native American In Congress Loves Medicare For All

  1. So why wouldn’t she join the JD’s? Corporate money means you are beholden to donors. ALWAYS. Nothing in this world is truly free. This woman never makes her actual plans to act on her “beliefs” known. She better not blow this campaign running a milk-toast generic campaign against the Republicans. There was an amazing JD who lost to her, she was not the most progressive candidate on the ballot.

    • I’m sorry you’re too fat too have ever played sports. You just won’t understand. I feel sad for you. No one made any claim that being an athlete would make you a good candidate.
      Those are your idiotic words, not mine. The traits, however, are certainly admirable in any person… candidate for office or otherwise. Don’t be so obtuse SMH. Imbeciles like you were complicit in getting Orange Imbecile elected. Shame on you fatty. There’s this thing called Google that you can use to look up her policies. Would you like me to give you complete instructions? Maybe you can ask your mom or phone a friend? Oh wait, nevermind… your mom is still under my desk and you have no friends.

    • “. Do you know how to read? Where did I make the claim that Ms. Davids is a good candidate because she’s gay or an MMA fighter? ”
      It was your first comment on this person, silly
      “Sharice Davids, who is running in Kansas, is awesome. She’s openly gay, Native American, ex-pro MMA fighter, with a law degree from Cornell, and was an Obama White House Fellow. ”

    • @saigonbond
      ” Imbeciles like you are complicit in the election of Orange Imbecile. You idiots with your ridiculous litmus and ideology tests are why he’s has a good chance of getting reelected in 2020″ ……..” Repubs understood that in 2010, 2014, and 2016 all while Dems bickered amongst themselves and got their asses kicked”

      Actually, the repubs have been bickering, look up Tea Party, Eric Cantor upset Freedom Caucus etc.
      The Repcons have been winning because 1 The GOP is 100% corporate whores The Democrats are 85-90% corporate whores and the Progressives are fighting against that. Citizens united has moved the entire American body politic to the right. The corporate Democrats would have continued to move to the right, were it not for Progressives, especially Sanders.
      2. The GOP have used racism to get ahead. Thanks to interstate Crosscheck and killing the voting rights act, they have managed to remove millions of African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, etc from the voter’s list. Here in Michigan, the GOP took 75k ballots from Detroit and Flint,both Democratic strongholds. Trump won by 11k votes. HRC chose not to fight it. THAT is why she lost michigan and the two other states. That is why the Demos have lost 1000 seats. But Hilbots like you never mention that. Instead, you run your little stick of blaming people who stayed home or voted for someone else to try to control Progressives by laying a guilt trip. That wont work, butt-snot.

    • “Absolutely true that I did. I even caucused for him here in deep red Texas!”
      You are fucking liar. From all that you have posted, nothing indicates that you would lift a finger for Progressive candidates

      “You on the other hand, ……blah blah blah video games all day long.” Quit projecting your life on other people moron.

  2. Wait, there hasn’t already been a Native American elected to Congress? That “first” is still to come? Sort yourself out, America.

  3. On the one hand, she didn’t bring up anti-imperialism, which is disappointing, but, on the other hand, she did touch upon the third rail of American political discourse, settler-colonialism, which i appreciated

  4. Canada just elected our 56th back in March, and our first was in 1871. Although most of the first were specifically Métis if you want to get specific. The first “Status Indian” elected to federal parliament was in ’68.

    • also, speaking of misspeaking, I believe you meant “a millennium:”, not a “millenia” (which, in addition to being plural, is also misspelled).

    • dremis, thanks for the correction but you sure are snappy, my comment was too quickly posted, without even reading any previous comments. I stand corrected, in the mispelling but you shouldn’t be so offensive about my harmless comment.

    • Guapo Desperado incidentally, you also misspelled the word :”mispelled”. I’m snappy? No, I’m producing legit criticism. IMO you’re snappy (and hypocritical) because you’re calling someone out for the type of mistake you make constantly. It’s not snappy to call someone out for gratuitous snappiness. Maybe spend more time using spellcheck and less time on meaningless comments?

    • ha ha, commenting too tired is not a crime. Neither is her mistake, but I am not the one running for office and being interviewed by a news outlet. I wasn’t saying you were snappy for calling me out on mistakes, that is actually just fine. It was saying I should “get a life” that I consider snappy, and it is. You don’t know me at all, how on earth could you know what my life is like? You were first to insult me, so yes, you were snappy.

  5. There have been Native American women in congress they’re just Hispanic Native Americans rather than northern. I hope this wonderful woman wins it is a shame that a indigenous American from the USA has never been elected. God bless Deb god bless the true American indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere.

    • U U Loretta Sanchez is one I know for sure but there are plenty more in the culturally Hispanic states such as California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Colorado. The current governer of New Mexico Susana Martinez is one.

    • Gul Maraz awwww someone wanted a girl and a native man got her instead and your pink little wiener can’t get a chubby so you exist online as a sad little pink moron getting cheetos on moms keyboard. Get a job loser!!!!

  6. Automatic suspicion of anyone who the DNC supports. We all know that they would rather lose to a Republican than win with a progressive.

  7. That’s a ridiculous stat that it’s taken so long for the owners of this land to be held out of it’s politics so long

  8. Great interview and great candidate. I’m part Creek Indian from Oklahoma and lived in New Mexico, so I’m very aware of the history of injustice perpetrated against Native Americans.

    It’s about time we have a representative in Washington.

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