Plan N Medicare Supplement | Impact of MACRA on Plan G

The data is in. We are already seeing insurance carriers compensate now for the impact on Plan G which will happen on January 1, 2020 when the MACRA law will make Plan G accept Guarantee Issue seniors. This impact is making Plan G rate increases higher and higher across the country.

If your health allows it, you should strongly consider, right now, applying for Plan N which will NOT have to accept Guarantee Issue folks losing coverage elsewhere. This will continue the trend we are seeing now. It will keep your Medicare Supplement rates as low as possible. See the data in this video.

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Plan N Medicare Supplement | Impact of MACRA on Plan G

4 thoughts on “Plan N Medicare Supplement | Impact of MACRA on Plan G

    • It depends, typically no. If the X-ray is in an outpatient setting of a hospital, they could charge you the visit co-payment.
      If you are going to a free-standing facility, you should only being paying your Part B deductible ($183 total for the year in 2018) and that’s it. Plan N is a great savings for the vast majority of those able to qualify for changing to it. It is definitely worth looking into with rates specific for your zip code.

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