Plan G vs Plan F, What is the Best Medicare Plan?


I just want to show you quickly why the Plan G is a better value than the Plan F. I won’t cover the specifics of what Part A and Part B of Medicare covers in this presentation. This is just to show you the difference between Plan F and Plan G, and why Plan G is the better value. Most seniors aren’t aware of the value of Plan G.

According to a December 2014 report from AHIP, Plan F accounts for (CLICK) 56% of all Medicare supplement, or Medigap, plans in force. But knowing the difference could save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime, and that is no exaggeration as I will show you. Plan G has picked up a lot of momentum over the last couple of years as people are starting to be educated about the Plan G and the benefits of going with it over the Plan F.

Here is a chart from Medicare that shows all of the available Medigap plans as of 2016. As you can see on the Plan F, all boxes are filled in. Plan F covers 100% of the gaps in Part A and Part B of Medicare. And that does sound like the type of coverage you would want. Many agents love to sell Plan F for two reasons. One – it looks good on paper. All that they have to say is that it covers ALL the gaps in Medicare. And, that it’s the CADILLAC plan. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The second reason is because it has a higher premium, so the agent makes more commission on it. Unfortunately, too many agents are more concerned with looking out for themselves rather than doing what is right for the client. A good independent agent would point out the pitfalls to avoid and help you find the best solution for YOU, not them. So, Plan F is the most comprehensive plan, but the Plan G is a much better value for your money.

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