Plan F vs Plan G by Michael F. Steele – IHS Insurance Group LLC

Medicare Supplement plans can be very confusing, let us help clarify some of the basics that you need to know in order to make an informed decision!
If you have any other questions about Medicare or are interested in more information about what the best plans and rates are in your area give us a call today!
IHS Insurance Group is licensed to sell insurance in several states including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina.

8 thoughts on “Plan F vs Plan G by Michael F. Steele – IHS Insurance Group LLC

  1. Excellent! Foreign travel tips were very helpful. Explanations and
    differences were clear and informative.
    Thank you,
    Billie Harrison

  2. Michael, thank you for your video. Nice advice. Please, next time, tell
    your coworkers to stop talking in the background- remember, those of us at
    65+ who need your video often have HEARING PROBLEMS, sometimes hearing
    things others can tune out!

  3. Dont forget the part B excess charges can include therapies such as
    chemotherapy and such. That excess charge can wind up costing alot more
    than just what a doctor may charge.

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