Penis Pump Medicare Coverage to be Banned

Penis pump coverage under Medicare may be banned by Congress with the House proposing a bill that would stop Medicare from paying for the erectile dysfunction device, saving an average of $44 million a year. House Republicans who wrote the bill argued that since Medicare is banned from paying for erectile dysfunction drugs, the program shouldn’t pay for the vacuum pump systems either. We look at the proposal, in this Lip News clip with Elliot Hill and Mark Sovel.

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24 thoughts on “Penis Pump Medicare Coverage to be Banned

  1. Viagra is an anti-hypertensive with side effects. The pump seems like a “natural” alternative that not only benefits the user but the partner. I’m no where near that in age yet but I would think that Medicare would be promoting the wellness of 2 people at a time. Or do they prefer that people take anti-depressives?

  2. Yeah that’s right, people have to fight tooth and nail for birth control to be covered yet penis pumps have been covered for years!

  3. It is a Catch 22 situation. The most effective way to really increase penis size is through vaginal intercourse. But females only really want the big penises in their vaginas. So if one has a small penis then one cannot get the vaginal access required to enlarge the penis. As White males lose medicare funding for penis pumps then white women shall thus increasingly revert to shagging with the better hung Black males [ those whom are not yet , or currently, in prison ].  As a given society progresses the females invariably become sluttier, so what you see happening now is more White sluts seeking out the BBC. Because if females do not get fucked properly then they become more susceptible to viruses and allergies

  4. An aspect of the nightmare that is prostate surgery is that a man can lose length and girth. One thing you can do is to pre-condition with a pump. It seems recockulous but the odds are 1 in 3 of getting prostate cancer at some point. Funny until it happens to you.

  5. Had no expectations, and chose the product based on reviews. Prolargent 5×5 Extreme was accurate. Most satisfied. No headaches or nasal stuffiness or jitters. Best results on an empty stomach.

  6. It’s too bad that you two hadn’t done 5 more minutes of research before attempting to describe why these penis pumps are really needed. Despite the morons in the Repub congress, this issue is no joke!
    Some 25+% of men who have had radiation treatment or surgery for prostate cancer find that, as collateral damage, the radiation also can damage both blood vessels as well as nerves in and around the immediate neighborhood of the prostate.

    This is why a drug such as Viagra doesn’t work in many cases, as the penile vessels “leak”, thus not allowing an erection to
    This is why a simple vacuum device can solve this plumbing problem;. Once enlarged via the vacuum, a soft-rubber device
    which prevents leakage of blood is slid into place. After a maximum of 30 minutes, the device can be removed and all goes back to normal.

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