Paul Ryan’s Con Job to Destroy Medicare (w/ Ryan Cooper)

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Paul Ryan's Con Job to Destroy Medicare (w/ Ryan Cooper)

5 thoughts on “Paul Ryan’s Con Job to Destroy Medicare (w/ Ryan Cooper)

  1. Little bastard with a perpetual smirk on his face, gets free medical care
    for life all paid by us and he wants to take away what we have paid for all
    our working lives? I hope he explodes and far away from me.

  2. I’d like to see paul bearer ryan dismantled, limb by corporate-owned limb.
    Ed Geen, Wisconsin psychopath, where are you now that we really need
    someone like you??

  3. If Congress is going to eliminate ACA then it’s time for congress to give
    up their very generous healthcare package & the lifetime healthcare they
    receive. Congress can be on Medicare like the rest of America. We must all
    rally around this.

  4. Medicare came in 1965, Lyndon Johnson Pres. The Repubs fought it all the
    way. The repubs want us to pay our taxes, but do not want us to benefit
    from the money we pay. Medicare, Social Security, Education, Environment,
    etc. – the repubs want to make a profit for themselves and their
    corporations. So they want to privatize everything, so for every single
    transaction we do, they make money.

  5. ITS OUR MONEY…why must we keep reminding them of this? Its not welfare or
    an entitlement. Mismanaging money you took form our pay, is violating a
    contract with the people who now need it. This should be a lawsuit if he
    even tries.

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