Paul Ryan: We’re Going To Cut Medicare To Pay For Tax Cuts

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"House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Wednesday said House Republicans will aim to cut spending on Medicare, Medicaid and welfare programs next year as a way to trim the federal deficit.

“We’re going to have to get back next year at entitlement reform, which is how you tackle the debt and the deficit,” Ryan said during an interview on Ross Kaminsky's talk radio show.

Health-care entitlements such as Medicare and Medicaid “are the big drivers of debt,” Ryan said, “so we spend more time on the health-care entitlements, because that's really where the problem lies, fiscally speaking."

Ryan said he’s been speaking privately with President Trump, who is beginning to warm to the idea of slowing the spending growth in entitlements.

During his campaign, Trump repeatedly promised not to cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security.

“I think the president is understanding choice and competition works everywhere, especially in Medicare,” Ryan said."

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Paul Ryan: We're Going To Cut Medicare To Pay For Tax Cuts


26 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: We’re Going To Cut Medicare To Pay For Tax Cuts

  1. Why are they cutting programs that are paid for by Americans outside their normal taxes? If the government would bother paying back the money they stole from Social Security then maybe these programs wouldn’t have issues.

    • dragonmyst000 They wouldn’t have issues:
      -Medicare and social security will continue to produce surpluses for a several more years without any changes.

      -They are only expected to become insolvent because of the large baby boomer spike and income inequality. Once that ends, these programs would become solvent again with no changes.

      -At worst, social security and medicare will still produce 80% of the revenue they need, so the surplus they have racked up over the years and the surplus they will rack up later would definitely cover the cost.

      -Even the short-term budget gap can be fixed by raising the payment cap.

    • dragonmyst000 This is the stealing that you have heard about, unless your a billionaire (because they actually are the ones who pay for the echo chamber misinformation)why? Because the dividend taxes they pay are low,and Dems raise their taxes to pay for expansion of these programs….why? Because they actually hire the Paul Ryan’s Mitch McConnell’s to write tax loophole law’s so they can off shore trillions of dollars (you really think a i-phone cost $150.oo-$300.oo hell no the jobs are outsourced to third world countries they get paid about $25-$35 a day…. making thousands of these units are day…. who’s being screwed?now look up the CDC and the effects of big AG big pharma on super bacteria’s and viruses,that jumped the antibiotic barrier and specie’s barrier….do you know how much it would cost to fight one infection?2-4 months of at least 3 antibiotics in combination usually in a hospital setting….

    • C’mon stop arguing to kill people like my neighbors,my children, myself, unless you know something about climate change externalities as well….

    • PHIL BRITTIN replacing politicians won’t really help much with anything. It’s basically like using a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. You need to ruin their money source. Punish the super rich that think they are above the law or the war profiteers

  2. And to think that Ryan benefited from these plans when he was younger. Republicans are so good at making people mad that someone else might get something that they won’t.

  3. Paul Ryan should have been dismissed ..Nothing that comes from him is in favor of the middle class ..families raising children. Now medicare will be cut and more of the elderly will be pushed from their homes to their fam or to the street as well as those with lower incomes or no income because of disabilities. Turn the country into nothingness. The insurance companies will be cleaning up. Pharmacutica co’s, corporations. Well then what is the point of cleaning the swamp ? ALL THAT IS OR WILL BE DONE IS CREATING ANOTHER SWAMP. And all the little peons will be slaves. Of course MORE WAR after all this country was built with a gun. The Hawks will be fighting like hell to keep the defense contracts flying. Looks like trump is pushing a capitalism/globalism military industrial complex…feeding big business..yet pushing and allowing the greed for Power to continue example: 9/11, waco, murray building ok, jfk, rk, boston bombing, the waste of money throwing it away with phoney investigations,pay to play schemes etc., where t little nobodies( who only do as they are told) will go t prison but the treasonist sob’s will go free. Trump is still sporting the globalist hand signs as he did when he was running. Obiviouly, they own him too. Harp creating the floods and what happened to all the people whos families are still looking for them? Several thousand dead like Katrina? Gmos, chem,trails, laser weapons creating fires, fbi creating false flags along with cia. I voted for this man and still support him I will vote for him again. Why? In many ways he has done a lot. The corrupt senate and 1/3 congress that keep stabbing him in the back. He would be better off not passing anything yet..let it all sit until congress and the senate can come up with better legislation. The only persons around him that are truly descent
    Are Melania and Barron. Everyone has their own agenda. Most of it sure isnt for the good of America. Its seems as if Pres Trump is compromised. Looks like the coup has begun. N. Khrushchev in the 50’s stated, “America will destroy her self from within.” I hope not. Going along with the HOUSE AND NOT PROTECTING THE MIDDLE CLASS AND LOWER INCOMED PERSONS IS CRIMINAL. PAUL RYAN AND THE REST OF THE GREEDY SOBS NEED TO BE OUSTED.
    Police state motto is for one purpose create trouble not be there for the communty. Descent officers are being pushed out nd none of the men are trained properly. Yes, control mob violence and hyststeria..yes, they should protect themselves. But killing persons and fam pets they are being told to do so even if they wrongfully enter your property. Too much is being hidden from superiors local and Federal . There is so much that needs to be worked with. A 1st hand antidote : An Officer had jumped our fence looking for a petty thief. I personally jumped in front of the officer as he crouched down and began to draw his weapon. He was going to shoot our little beagle. Whoa Whoa! What do you think you are doing? I dont think twice as i jumped in front of him. What are you doing with that thing? There is no need. This was an after thought on the officers part all was finished here, i had been more then cooporative. He came looking for a man who stole a jar of change from another sub div. Our dog was barking for me. I went out asked him to look in my home it was only my husb nd he was welcome. No. No he stated but was still positive the guy was in our yard. I asked again pl come in and see for your self. Our little beagle tugged at his pant leg once or twice . I corrected the dog. Assured t man he doesnt bite. Nor was the pant leg torn. We continued to talk after my dog had backed back. Then as i turned to go in the house i looked over …i was about 4′ away from the officer max. My dog was behind me …we were finished i had turned to go in the house. I was stunned to see the officer in a crouched position, unbuttoning his holster. At that I jumped in front of him. I then asked him if he was ok as i saw perspiration running down his face ? Yes , yes . At that point a siren from a detectives car nd little blue light. I offered to let him go thru the house it would be easier. No thank you he said. I totally understood he was young. I felt fairly new on the job, he was so positive the guy came thru my yard. As it turned out it was the mopped man from up off the hwy about 6 miles away. He was found hidden in a dumpster with the change jar beside it. I let the incident ride there was no harm. I actually felt a big lesson was learned for the officer and my self. Its tough being out there . I have first hand heard a million police stories and many of which a few dogs were given a swift kick …a bruise or two maybe. There needs to be more professional training. I have a profound respect for police. We need good officers and children need to be able to ask for help when needed. How can they if taught to fear them. We need officers in our communties. We need to know one another again. Just my thoughts…

  4. Republicans are a confusing group. They don’t want to let a woman get an abortion but take away health care so she can’t get prenatal care or see a doctor when she goes into labor. Then the kid can’t get doctors care cause they cut that.. So now they will cost the lives of a third of the next generation. They also want to cut Medicaid , medicare, and social security so the streets will be littered with old people when nursing homes put them on the street. Let’s not forget veterans that protected this country, many wounded and disabled, republicans cut all funding for aid for our heroes while constantly getting us in new wars. I wonder how these politicians live with themselves, they have no conscious and all so rich people and multinational corporations get tax breaks. They all need to go, time for new leaders that put people first.

  5. Key word: Entitlement!!!!! Who in this country said that someone was getting “free stuff” and “entitlements”and “handouts”?!? Not caring that the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the jobless, the sick, the handicapped, the veterans and the elderly COME IN ALL COLORS!!!!! After this, educational cuts will take place. As long as you put it out there that a “certain group of people” are getting “handouts”, people will fall for the old okey doke all of the time, despite it being a stab in their own backs. Someone should have listened to Bernie Sanders. His words have come true!!!! Now, if there is a war in the middle east, the American people will be so concerned with that, they won’t realize the government is pushing the knives in even deeper. By the time they do, the country will in the swamp.

  6. “You can’t let the republicans get into power, they’ll take away your stuffs!”

    The same stuffs that the Democrats repeatedly offered to the republicans to get cut in attempts to get them to sign onto their legislation?

  7. Take away health care for politicians and take away their retirement pay and then tax the church back to the stone age’s where they belong and that would cut the deficit by trillions.

  8. the mega rich dont want to spend their money on the neo con wars —or health care of others –
    the mega middle is too lame to stand up for themselves –and fall in line with every war monger project —they think they are fighting for freedom and democracy —and not neo con appendage deficiencies

  9. Did you hear that sound? Like a tick-a-dee-tick or a click-a-klee? No, you missed it?

    That was the sound of revolution. Like winter in Game of Thrones, it’s coming.

  10. It’s time to stop trying to talk sense to Trump republicans. There’s hardly any brain cells up there to work with anyways.

  11. meanwhile both republican and democrat voted to increase the military spending by $60 billion ($700,000,000,000 per year) total, effectively siphoning tax payers money to the military contractors. sure, those 2 million people who is serving get some benefit, but assuming $10 billion is divided among those 2 million people, the remaining $690,000,000,000 is going to those few thousand wealthy military contractors and subcontractors!!!!

    • The muchers are the illegals that have come across our borders. Where you went wrong is listening to Paul Ryan, He’s an idiot. From the very beginning he wanted to cut SS and medicare, I will be glad when he is gone from politics.

  12. the problem republicans have with food stamps is not the cost of the program. The problem is that people starving, or in fear of, are more likely to accept lower wages.

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