Paul Ryan Says Republicans To Target Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid Spending In 2018

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) said on a radio show on Dec. 6, 2017, that “we're going to have to get back next year at entitlement reform, which is how you tackle the debt and deficit.” (Dec. 7, 2017) (Sign up for our free video newsletter here )


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Paul Ryan Says Republicans To Target Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid Spending In 2018

40 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Says Republicans To Target Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid Spending In 2018

    • U R Great At Youtube Progress, you say? If we were actually progressing we would have shorter jail sentences, racism from whites would decline, and the rich would be taxed more than the poor so as to even out the money. People would stop believing in conspiracy and actually use science to tell us what is right. We wouldn’t have to deal with throttling by our internet providers just because we or the people who own the IP did not pay for the equivalent of EA’s micro transactions. Monopolies would have less power over the people. People would not be hated or discriminated against for things like mental illness. People would not suffer so many long sentences and be helped to bring themselves to be a beneficial part of the community. Money would be replaced with a set amount of work that you would have to do per day before you could relax. Corruption would have a weaker grip on the people. Bullying would become rare and suicidal people would be given more comforting programs so they wouldn’t suffer as hard. Obesity and starvation rates would go down. A united government similar to the United Nations would be in place of all countries. There would be less unemployment. People would be healthier. We would be in a galactic network of planets that would have independence from each other. We would have no censorship on things that are not needing of a censoring. People would live for centuries longer. We would have made it past the quantum physics stage of science. But nooo, instead we have the problem of conspiracy, people don’t believe in global warming, which would make our planet equivalent to toxic Venus. Corruption is as high as ever. We are on the brink of nuclear war. Socialism is not as much of a problem as you think. We got a country with freaking nukes against us United States citizens. Scammers are rampant, malware is freaking everywhere on the internet, And all you people care about is freaking Clinton. Trump is the one we should be paying attention to because Clinton is not the one in a powerful position. Congress is a majority of one party instead of a combination of more than two parties. People are worrying about the littlest of things, when we should be dealing with national security! You people are always ignorant of any negativity that is given about the president. People are living in the belief that we are suffering and there is going to be a hero, but when the hope is proven to be wrong, you will be one of the ones to suffer.

    • This whole rant of yours is attacking a red herring made by you. I said progress. I did not say this makes everything perfect.

    • U R Great At Youtube But you meant progress in the sense of things being better. I was talking about how progress is not being made towards making things better through the resistance by people who don’t try to progress. I was saying how life would be better if people didn’t have such a resistance to progress.

    • if you look you will see the city’s are where all the welfare and poor people are look at the electoral map and see that Hillary got votes from most of the poorest city’s in the USA, While Trump had most of the Rural votes, i cant wait for the tax cuts and the welfare reform, all these lazy people need to get up and work and stop begging government for money.

    • why do the city’s look so shitty then ? i live rural and eveyone around me is very well off all own their own house car, a lot own a business i have never been asked for money in the street, last time i went to the city i had at least 5 people beg me for money, homeless laying everywhere lots waiting for the bus , no crime in my area yet you go to the city and crime all over. either way i wanted Trump to win and have been very happy with the results so far and when the tax cut comes i should really benefit 🙂

    • You are already being entitled with protection from the country. You get to pursue your dreams freely. Welfare and healthcare are extras and will prove a libability in the very near future. War won’t bring the end to the USA. The very people who cries that they are entitled to free healthcare and welfare will bring the USA down.


  2. NeoCon war hawks attack the poor,the ill.Payback for not getting their “Supreme Commander” Clinton elected. Clinton would have started more wars,that would enrich the Military Industrial complex. Just stop building the “jumbo” aircraft carriers,no need to cut anything,especially money for the most vulnerable members of society…..

  3. Most people dont take vitamins and have but lifts.We sit around eating fried bread and beans.Drink green tea and dont have sugar and salt or spices.Less food means no meat on the plate.Good bye hot dogs.

  4. Same far right hypocrites pick on the poor while providing more for the rich they want to cut Medicare and put more money on defense were are the strongest by far but why can we take care of our sick is a shame most republicans complain while living a very cushy live country clubs 3 cars big house but God forbid we give something to the poor let’s take take care of wall street instead because they deserved

  5. These idiots will be voted out of office, not to worry. It’s ok for them to live cushy lives on our dime, but if you’re poor they hate you.

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