Paul Ryan, Donald Trump Medicare Change Proposal

Paul Ryan has long proposed changes to Medicare.
How will this impact you? In this video, Chris Westfall covers the proposal that was reached by a concensus of Republicans over the last five years. This was originially proposed by President Bill Clinton in an effort to make Medicare more solvent.

You can see Paul Ryan's Medicare Proposal here:

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Republican Medicare Proposal
Paul Ryan Medicare Plan
Donald Trump Medicare Plan

Paul Ryan, Donald Trump Medicare Change Proposal

8 thoughts on “Paul Ryan, Donald Trump Medicare Change Proposal

  1. Hi Christopher,

    Hope you’re doing well. Hey, I’m trying to watch this video, but I keep
    getting the error that this live event has ended.
    Any ideas so I can watch it?
    I’m a Patient Financial Counselor, and I love your updates on Medicare.


    David Ordaz

  2. Chris, you seem a little too trusting of the republicans if you think they
    are benevolent little angels that only think of our well being. They will
    have that proposal bent around to where your choice will be to take a
    gutted (by them) and degraded medicare or take a somewhat better privatized
    system with government credits. Once they get people going that way, they
    next will make it where you have no choice but to take medicare on some
    sort of exchange system and that will be the END of medicare! You seem very
    naive to me.

    • There’s all of that emotion I mentioned. No, trusting I’m not. But I can
      read. You “Seem” very condescending, negative, and ignorant of the
      proposal, to me.

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