Over 1 Million Watch Bernie’s Medicare For All Town Hall, Media Yawns

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Over 1 Million Watch Bernie's Medicare For All Town Hall, Media Yawns

62 thoughts on “Over 1 Million Watch Bernie’s Medicare For All Town Hall, Media Yawns

    • 9:40 to 10:30 a truth too depressing to believe for most people.

      It’s obvious and true, but the average person wants to pretend it can’t be true.

      That is when you know the sociopathic elites rule completely. Their crimes to the average person seem too grotesque to even consider.

    • ian not unless your mom or dad is a doctor!! What’s your occupation? What if I said your occupation was a right, and that i want it for free?

    • +T Ev
      “What if I said your occupation was a right, and that i want it for free?”

      You are the king of BS. Or just an idiot.
      Universal health care systems (which happen to be the norm in every other developed or developing country around the world other than the US) do NOT force doctors to work for free, and do NOT force doctors to work at all against their will.

      They simply confront the medical industrial monopoly (pharma, doctors, hospitals, insurance vampires together working as a cartel) with an opposed monopoly – now, instead of dealing with numerous individual patients, each one of them is a hostage of the medical cartel – they now have to deal with a single giant monopoly: the government, that represents all patients. As a monopoly patient, the government can negotiate better prices.

      Yes, a doctor/hospital/pharma/insurance shark who refuses to accept the government offer, may go work in the private market and charge their own fees, if they find patients.

      Yes, most doctors will be forced to accept the government offer, since they will figure this is a huge number of patients they don’t want to give up. This is not different from how currently patients are forced to accept doctors’ prices, supposedly “voluntarily, no gunpoint”.

    • @whyamimrpink78 The government though does guarantee the enforcement of property rights, like I said. You cannot enforce property rights without taxing to fund a legal and law enforcrment structure. This makes the right to property necessarily a positive right. The government has to ‘give’ you something, funded by tax dollars i.e. courts and police. Healthcare is exactly within this same class–a guaranteed enforcement, taxed and funded by the government. That’s what you fail to grasp.

    • @ Ricky, show me a US conservative that would choose to spend on medicare for all before spending on a bloated military that is bleeding America dry in order to keep the 1% who own the weapons firms happy. The same 1% who own the media which informs you to think like this.

  1. Cuckservatives and Trumptards would rather spend our taxes bombing brown people, and increasing the military budget to infinity.

    Helping fellow Americans with the taxes we already pay is communism, and libtard nonsense.

    • Christopher “liberals are the violent ones.”
      “Liberals need a hole in their head.”
      Your hypocrisy is on point tonight. Go ahead call me out your words not mine.

    • We need to put a couple million people in the streets engaged in non-violent acts of civil disobedience.  Progressive change is ALWAYS won in the streets … not the voting booth.  People will have to be willing to struggle and sacrifice … no different than those who fought for civil rights or labor rights.  Stop waiting for Bernie to save you.

    • As Chris Hedges has repeatedly written … EVERY significant progressive legislative victory of the 20th century was won in the streets, outside the Democratic Party.   NO matter how vociferously right wingers like yourself try to obscure this reality … it stands as FACT.

  2. What a weight off the shoulders of so many. Let’s employers reduce the cost of insuring employees. No more so pays meeting deductibles and monthly premiums.
    We all agree to invest in each other. Thank you Bernie

  3. no one should have access to affordable healthcare people should get healthcare like government employees and our troops and like the rest of the world.

  4. Conservatives don’t give a damn about people’s lives. They only care about money. So let’s emphasize the money part. That it’s CHEAPER than the current US system. Otherwise, most of the country is so stupid and selfish, they’ll ignore you.

    • It would be cheaper for healthy people, since the money you’d essentially be paying for single payer in taxes would go 100% into medical care, instead of most of it being used to pad the bottom line for the shareholders of the insurance companies.

    • @SwoobatFanatic 100% will go into healthcare? So we don’t have to pay government employees to run the agency in charge of healthcare?

    • Forgot that for a moment Ant Man, thank you for correcting me. But even with paying government employees, it’s still much, much less money lost to overhead. You don’t have shareholders to please, a profit motive to pad the bottom line, or CEO’s making millions of dollars off that money.

    • @SwoobatFanatic That is factually untrue. Medicare costs 10% more in overhead per person served compared to private insurance. That’s not even including the irs basically acting as their billing department.

  5. How does a jet cost 1 trillion dollars? You could hire every aerospace engineer in the country for a decade, and that would cost like 100 billion dollars.

  6. The idea of leaving healthcare up to insurance companies is obviously bananas. They make their money by disappointing people, even when it’s on your car. It’s ludicrous. Such an incredibly bad idea it’s amazing that anyone accepts it.

  7. BTW, I just found out that Canadians pay $108 a month (or less than $27 a week) for the national health care they get and they NEVER RECEIVE A DOCTOR’S OR A HOSPITAL BILL. American needs Single Payer now.

    • Well I mean it’s not like the entire world has been working at making healthcare as good and cheap as possible for 60 years. Oh wait…

  8. UK and NHS doesn’t get a shoutout? Even though it’s in crisis due to 7 years of Conservative governments underfunding it, it has still been consistently found to be the best (no. 1) healthcare system in the world by the Commonwealth Fund. Even in crisis and under the Conservatives, our socialist healthcare is rated as best in the world!

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