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Original Medicare Overview: What Is It and What You Need to Know upon Enrollment
The original Medicare Overview includes understanding elements related to the federal government’s healthcare option Medicare. This is considered traditional options offered by the government which is comprised of Part A and Part B healthcare insurance. Part D is also included as the prescription drug coverage. Each part focuses on providing coverage for different health needs. You may be required to pay a deductible, premium payment or out-of-pocket costs not covered by the plan. You may qualify for no premium payments in Part A if you qualify. You can purchase what is called Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap) to cover costs not paid by Medicare.
Defining Part A, Part B, and Part D
These are considered original parts of Medicare because they provide coverage for general services. These parts were in place before changes were made and adopted for Part C or Medicare Advantage. Part A provides coverage for inpatient care or hospital stays. There are limitations you should review for this plan. Skilled nursing services and hospice is also included. Part B covers outpatient care. This may include some preventative care and screening services. The last part of the original Medicare overview is Part D drug coverage. This includes a vast list of medicines Medicare covers based on copayment. You can use these parts together or one with another depending on your needs when you enroll.
What is Medigap?
If you enroll in Medicare Part A or B, you may qualify for supplemental coverage known as Medigap. The name comes from the aspect of the ability to cover costs or gaps left by Medicare. In some cases these policies can pick up most costs left behind. Beneficiaries will need to pay a premium payment each month on this policy. If you have Part B coverage you may pay a premium for this as well on top of your supplemental coverage. Medigap may cover premium payments for Part A depending on the policy details. There are different supplement policies to choose from and they each vary in coverage offered.
What Else Do You Need to Know?
There are a few details you should know about when learning the original Medicare overview. There are other costs you could be responsible for with Part A and/or Part B such as coinsurance and deductible. If you have 10 years or more related work history in the United States you don’t have to pay premium payments in Part A. You are able to obtain treatment from any hospital or doctor that accepts Medicare as payment. You do not need authorization or referral to obtain services. Private insurance options offer Part D coverage.
Original Medicare often covers necessary services instead of routine services. When you pay coinsurance or deductibles for Plan B it usually amounts to roughly 20 percent of approved Medicare costs. Patients do not have limits on out-of-pocket spending. Sometimes Part A, B, or D is used with Part C (Medicare Advantage), but you are not able to use a Medigap policy with Medicare Advantage.


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