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We’re pleased to share our new video on our customer engagement strategies for Medicare plans. It reveals how we work with Medicare plans to improve their Star rating, HEDIS measures and risk adjustment by incentivizing members to close high-value gaps in care. Take a look!

When you inspire just one member to attend a preventive screening, you’ve made a difference in somebody’s life.

But to make a difference in your HEDIS measures and Star rating, you need to inspire members across the country and across demographics, to take care of their health and take charge of their care.

But not all members are created equal when it comes to your Star rating. Some will naturally attend preventive care visits, while others aren’t likely to close their gaps in care no matter the incentive.

It’s that group in the middle–those with a high propensity for change under the right conditions–that can move the needle on your quality scores.

NovuHealth solutions ensure that your member engagement program is designed to deliver high-value behaviors among your hard-to-reach Medicare members. With
NovuHealth, your plan will provide a consumer experience customized for active member engagement and personal health responsibility.

Our clients enjoy an average 400% return on investment, since member engagement means investing in your members’ health and your plans’ results.

We work with you to segment your population and zero in on the members whose actions will most impact your business objectives.

And when those high-value behaviors–like colon cancer screenings and diabetes care visits–are not only completed, but rewarded…

HOS and CAHPS scores are impacted as customer satisfaction rises.

After all, when you treat members like true consumers and build engagement strategies for performance, the entire system benefits.

NovuHealth Medicare Solutions

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