BEWARE here is the newest scam that has been developed similar to the IRS phone scam. From the "pain management center" they probably try to get your Medicare number and somehow screw you and are calling from a call center. Mostly they offer some type of FREE brace for your back, knee, shoulder, and ankle. DO NOT give these JACKHOLES any information. Create some awareness and don't fall for it!

2 thoughts on “NEW PHONE MEDICARE SCAM FROM 214-269-8783 AUDIO ONLY

  1. this is all by this company that i used to work at, it’s called bls a call center. (best lead solutions) i had a lot of doubts working there, they forced us workers to ask for the medicare claim number which it’s the same as the social security number and the payment was so bad, everything was bad. one of the supervisors actually told me that what we were doing was ilegal then they fired him… even if i was a worker there i completly advice to all the medicare patients that you guys shouldn’t give any information at all, especially the social number…

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